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  1. Hi everyone... Here you can find a copy of my old folder with the touchscreen fix related files: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zoVP4DHk6SAN3RwJXpb0P5fQ6AXGO9Fk Let me know is the link is working and if you got all files you need... Kind regards...!
  2. Hi Scanno, Sure, only give me the files and some basic guide... I'm in IT but this is not my field... ;-) I'll be more than glad to help. Post PM if you orefer that, Regards, Javier.
  3. Hi Scanno, Still getting some random freezes with RC1....How can I help ? Regards, Javier
  4. Going for it...!!!! Outstanding work from the group, as usual...!!! Thanks and regards, Javier.
  5. Hi Jisu, Thanks for your preocupation.... I use the Shuttle Tools every time my screen start to acting... but this "solution" is not definitive... eventually backs (hope not in your case)... I even use the original "Module AP" included in the Stock ROM for calibration... Is a really annoying issue, but I love Vegacream and there is no no way to be back in Android 2.2... ;-) Kind regards from Buenos Aires, Javier.
  6. Hi Richard, Jisu, Tried several FW for the TP.... as usual, in stock or test ROMs everything went fine (except in one Mildex tested)... but when in Vegacream again, the oversensitive screen strikes back... geez... Something I believe I noticed: when I connected the power suppy, the oversensitive issue almost dissapear (sometimes), but after disconnected, eventually returns, sometimes very notorious, sometimes very lightly. Obviously I want this issue dissapear, but I think I cant live with that (sigh), doing several recalibrations diminishes the problem. Thanks and regards ! Javier.
  7. Hola Jisu... I can follow English guides fine, but thanks a lot for the "detail"... a guide in Spanish, "de luxe"... !!! ;-) Abrazo, Javier.
  8. Hi Richard, I did flash the "P10_image_20110728_v1.10.10_VIE_ww_n3g_s" several times in the past, starting from scratch when I had oversensitive screens in other ROMs. I tried the "P10_image_20110411_v1.10.4_std_dev" too. Every time, the TP works like a charm in 2.2, but not in customs ROMS... sometimes after several boots the TP seems to work better, but sometimes needs a recalibration again.... Weird, I can't find a pattern. I will check the FW version after reinstall a 2.2 stock, and try a FW upgrade or reflash... who knows... Do you know how to start USB in host mode for mouse ? just in case.... ;-) Regards mate, Javier
  9. Hi Richard, I have an oversensitive screen (not all the time) with almost any version, except the original 2.2, even with VegaCream 4.1 wich is the version I use (testing) now. a ) Can this firmware solve this annoting oversensitive issue ? or al least in part ? b ) How I can know wich FW I must use (101H, A19) ? Only opening the tablet (still on warranty) ? c ) Edit: How I can know which FW I have now ? Thanks a lot for your great work, info and findings...!!! Amazing... ;-) Javier. P.D.: I have a Viewpad 10S WiFi only... how much will cost you can get me (and send me to Buenos Aires) the 3G/GPS module ? Thanks again !
  10. Oh my....!!!! Well I'm sure about the sad feelings from all of us around the Vega projects, contributors or users... :-( Good luck in all what you do in the future !!! Kind regards, Javier.
  11. Soundhound working fine here too... no problems at all...
  12. Hi Areo, Please take it well.... 1) I know you can't learn anything using a tool, I'm just trying to help the less advanced users (like me), I'm in the IT business, but not in the *ux world (I'm in big IBM architectures), so I don't know (yet) how to open or compile a kernel... 2) That's great. 3) And there is a free application (at least the one I found and used some weeks ago)...;-) Peace and Kind regards :D Javier.
  13. Hi Areo, There is "Device Spoofer" in the Market too.. ;-) Regards, Javier.
  14. Thanks GED....!!! Thanks Scanno !!! Enjoy your vacations... I think I will wait your update then...!!! ;-) Kind regards, Javier.
  15. Hi GED, What do you flashed and how ? The boot image in the published kernel or simply the new VegaCream 2.1 ? Kind regards ! Javier.
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