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  1. Nice one. Lean,mean,smooth and fast. Downloaded camera 360 and solved camera problem. Look forward to new tweaks. Many thanks
  2. Nice rom, but, unfortunately, too buggy to be of practical use. Would like to try it again when further developed.Good luck
  3. Love the latest build. Very slick and gives a real boost to the phone. I now have 2 problems. I cannot install apps from google play, and I cannot move any apps from internal storage to SD card. Hope there's an easy solution. Thanks again for all your hard work and great developments.
  4. Hi guys, congratulations on another fine development. I have installed it and it is fantastic. The improved speed and functionality is quite noticeable, Thanks to Dazzozo and all concerned. It is lean and mean. BUT - can you tell me how I can install my apps from my sd card since I no longer have the google play app(Google Play no longer recognises my device) and I have no file manager app available that can install the apps. I'm sure you have an easy solution which I would appreciate.
  5. To Dazzozo and all you wonderful guys - I have just installed your roms on my San Fran 2 and the result is awesome. My Phone is so smooth and speedy.It is a pleasure to use. I cannot thank you enough for all your splendid work.
  6. I have just flashed the Fish'nChips rom to my rooted San Francisco 2 very successfully. But then I foolishly froze my launcher in an app thinking I had another installed . Now on bootup it is vigorously looking for a non existent launcher. I have tried the usual removal of battery and hard reboot but to no avail. Does anybody have a solution? Thanks in advance.

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