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  1. just a few quick questions :) How do I change the UI to phone? I'm assuming i'm on the tablet as the settings is a panel on a side that doesn't look like a phone more suited to a tablet with a wide screen...Also had no issues installing this onto my Blade but I've just tried installing it on my dads Blade... got them at the same time and we've had the same ROM on there...and the gapps package isn't installing...I've tried several times tried redownloading and installing again tried using the gapps file I used even though im sure they're the same and it doesn't install...I've changed my ROM many times and had the problem once on my Blade but I just reflashed and it was fine but can't work out why its not installing on my dads Blade :/ does anyone have any ideas? Thanks :) Great ROM btw
  2. is anyone else having issues with the panoramic camera? mine gives an error message about camera stopped working when I try and use it... :/ also having issues with syncing accounts...kept saying sync is not currently available but will be working again soon or something like that...not sure if its just me because I haven't seen any other posts about issues like this Thanks :)
  3. Thank you for this ROM :D love it ... one little issue... I installed google apps using the file from here (http://goo.im/gapps/...0429-signed.zip) after reading this (http://androidcommun...-roms-20120210/) I'm trying to access the google play store and the wifi is on and there is good signal but it wont connect...not sure whether to come here about this or whether its an issue with the gapps... but i'm not sure what to do :/ I do love everything else abbout the ROM though :) Thank you EDIT: Don't worry I was connected to the wrong network :L my stupid mistake :D love the ROM its brilliant so far

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