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    Phone Stuck in Download Mode

    Hello, I was recently trying to load a stock rom on my LG540 and the process was interrupted because of a power failure. But the phone luckily booted into "download mode". I want to reflash using the procedures discussed in various posts on bricked phones, but my computer can no longer recognize the phone. The KDZ updater reports "Phone not Found". The correct drivers are installed and I am running windows 7 home edition. Any thoughts as to how to get the computer recognize the phone? Thanks, Oyiwaa
  2. OyiwaaNoela

    Looking for a Stock Rom

    Hello, [ Please ignore previous message ] I bought a GT540 as xmas present for the wifey, but she doesn't seem to like it very much. So, I need to return it to Amazon, but I had already flashed it from 2.1 to 2.3.7 with the Cyanogen Mod rom (Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread SwiftDroid v2 ASISC) posted here. Is there a stock rom somewhere that I can put back on before shipping it back to Amazon. I got the European version. Thanks very much - Oyiwaa
  3. OyiwaaNoela

    Stock Rom


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