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  1. PixelSrike

    Recording Video on Vega?

    Hello, I was wondering how easy it would be to record video from my Vega. Has anyone tried?
  2. PixelSrike

    Xbox Controller on Honeycomb 3.2?

    Yeah, it doesn't. Any emulators I go on say my button inputs are unmapped when I try and configure it. Also, yes it is an official Xbox controller. Thanks for the help ;D
  3. PixelSrike

    Xbox Controller on Honeycomb 3.2?

    Hello everyone, Thanks for all of the information you've given towards me being able to install Honeycomb on my Vega. I have a problem now but it is a bit more specific. I have recently enjoyed playing Onlive games on my Advent Vega, but I feel that I would have a bit more fun with it if I could use my wired Xbox controller with it. I have used ShuttleTools and set USB to host so it recognises the device, but all the controller does is flash. I downloaded USB/BT JOYCENTRE to try and get it to work but apparently I don't have a device plugged in even when the controller is plugged into the side of my Vega. Any help at all you could give would be amazing. Thanks a bunch, Matt

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