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  1. Hello guys, We lost CM9.zip can someone give it to me so i post it again on LFDesigns? Best regards, LoveForEver
  2. Depuis quelques jour j'ai appris quelque chose de nouveau sur moi: je suis susceptible... :p

  3. Hello guy's does someone have original cyanogenmod7.2 zip of lens_flare? We lost it. Best regards, LoveForEver
  4. Se disputer avec sa meilleur amie et ma petite soeur qui détruit mon pc: bad

  5. Here you are: http://lfdesigns.tk/index.php?file=Download&op=description&dl_id=26
  6. Demain on se bourre la gueule! :D

  7. Pm sent :) Between lfdesigns is back online...
  8. Hello guys, As you may see lfdesigns is again down today. The reason is that our actual hoster is crap so we would like to go to a other hoster. But there is a problem. We need money. I've paid LFDesigns for a long time alone now and now i don't have enought money anymore to pay it by myself. Also I host all roms of liquid Metal and it takes more and more space of the 25GB avalaible. Please help me and donate some money to me. Paypal account: [email protected]
  9. Enfin un facebook clean et rapide sur Android! Yeah!

  10. "She's playing with love"

  11. I'll host it. Sorry if i don't answer so fast anymore. I don't longer own a Liquid Metal i've a xperia miro now :) But of course LFDesigns will always support liquid metal ;)
  12. Fini les bugs! Nouveautéléphone :-D

  13. Hello David, good to hear you again, could you please poste tour work on lfdesigns.tk ? I'elle certainly buy a cloudmobile in thé comming days
  14. Demain on vote trop cool! :D

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