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  1. Hi All, Quite new to this S3 forum but have been a member of the ZTE Skate Forum for 12 months but have persuaded mysefl to get a half decent phone for once ! Am I led to believe that what I was prompted to flash from the device yesterday is the new official Jellybean from Samsung ? It does say 4.1.1 now that it has finished. Another thing that leads me to believe it is Jellybean is that I cannot run flash from websites ? A quick Google revealed that I need to download Flash 11.1 from Adobe's servers and install solved this but now when I am streaming videos, the screen goes into powerdown after 30 seconds as if the device is idle and goes to standby. I know I can just turn on the Smart stay function but I want to use my All Share Cast device so I can beam to my TV without it switching off like it did before flashing. Anybody know how to fix this ? I have also noticed now that the device no longer vibrates when I receive a message when in silent mode even though I haven't changed any of the settings ? I noticed this was the same when I updated the non standard ROM on my old ZTE Skate ? Any help much appreciated on what is the best phone I've ever had ...
  2. Yes Actually, funny but as soon as you asked that then I remembered I needed to copy to my original 2GB Transcend card before flashing and all is now well - strange as V4 is on the 32GB card and that flashes no problem !
  3. Hi Guys Been away from these forums for a while so have pretty much forgotten everything I learnt from all you generous lot. Last flash was ver 4 of Atomic which works fine (if it aint broke ...) tempted to see what these new ROMS are about but cannot seem to flash any of them with Clockwork Mod after downloading and transferring onto my SD Card ? I do the usual wipes and select ROM but after intiialising I get flash error message ? I then flash Atomic ver 4 and all is good again ? Am I missing something obvious here ?
  4. Care to elaborate more please ? I thought that the ROM file had to be 127MB for it to work ? Am I correct in thinking that all I need is the Rom.zip file and all the other stuff in the folder is optional ?
  5. Totally lost it guys - used to be able to just download zip file, 3 wipes and install ROM via clockwork mod. I have just downloaded the R13 ROM but it's only 96MB and fails to install ? Am I missing something here or doing it completely wrong ? Thanks in advance for answers to my stupidity ...
  6. Sorry please delete this thread as was posted in wrong section ... nothing to see, please move along ...
  7. I agree - I think my 32GB cards are fakes as they were cheap to buy and cam with dubious packaging !
  8. I've been getting this message since updating with Tillaz's Roms since December and never worked out how to solve it - although it still allows me to use link2sd to transfer programs to SD card (I have a 32GB Sandisk card and have tried all sorts of ways to format it but no joy) anybody found a solution to this ? I haven't changed the ROM from version 6 as have been happy with the results but may give R8 a bash tonight - have there been many changes since V6 ? Thanks for all the hard work
  9. Tillaz - named correctly (no spaces) they are the bbc iplayer and Adobe flash files found here on this forum - just copied over apk files and instal vis es explorer - worked fine on atomic v3 ? Also when I unzip my iGO program files onto SD and install, running it generates a missing or invalid license error. I check the folder and the license and other folders just disappear after installing ? Again this was working flawlessly under Atomic v3 ?
  10. How do I do that ? (Sorry still very much a noob !)
  11. When trying to install apps that had been downloaded on to my PC and then copied over to SD recently, I get a Parse error ? Evrything worked fine on Atomic 3 before but this has started to happen on v4 ? Any ideas ?
  12. This worked fr me before on lower versions of Atomic but now on ver 4 and it tells me Parse error ???
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