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  1. Yogeshh

    [ROM] Flaming UI - CM10

    Found New Bug wi-fi Hotspot not working any solution
  2. Yogeshh

    [ROM] Flaming UI - CM10

    S2E working like a charm , just go to recovery menu >advanced >format sd ext partition >choose 256,512etc mb as per requirement > 0 MB I hv found one anathor bug as sometimes its asking for PIN code automatically ( we can skip it by pressing cancel )
  3. Yogeshh

    [ROM] Flaming UI - CM10

    Sometimes Restarts ( for me 4 times in 3 days) USB Device Storage not working Sluggish Performance at the time of Dialer Opening and App Drawer Opening. anyone else have such problem ?
  4. Yogeshh

    [ROM] Flaming UI - CM10

    Games are playing Charmly . Camera Quality Improved. Some CONS : Very low internal Memory (75 MB usable as system has used 75 mb ) . Even cant install 12 apps. Cant Change Ringtone from SD . Only Default Ringtones can be set. let me know more

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