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  1. Everything stopped working all of a sudden(force closes on camera, etc.)........on Kitkat now........My skate has reborn :)
  2. `Can anyone let me know how to fix the proximity sensor ?? EDIT : Had to run thru the thread, will try in settings n C3CO patch ! Thanks for the great work ! Was on some Gingerbread ROM i don't rem the name holos something ! But this works superbly !
  3. H3ROS are you planning any fixes for below ?? 1) The launcher sucks. Its slow like hell. I am not able to find Nova Launcher in play store. 2) Battery percentage on status bar ?
  4. Have been using this for a while ! 1) Launcher home screen is too laggy 2) Any chance of getting battery displayed in numeric % ?? Gr8 work !
  5. Hi All, I dropped my phone by mistake and not able to hear anything when i call someone. I can hear very low sound but nothing more even on full incall volume. What could be the problem. Speaker works fine. Thanks advance for helping. I was on stock and tried other ROMs but same issue !
  6. Have to say people still waiting for this ROM for last one year have to find some other hobbies/activities........This is not getting released ever !
  7. Ha ha ha !! I already got a new phone........just came by to check if this ROM is still out or not ...........lol
  8. Atomic Mod or CM7.2 the best out there..........other ROMs have bits and pieces missing........
  9. Has to be most famous thread without any recent updates on the ROM :)
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