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  1. That's for the G330. It might work on the Y300, but it's not what I originally released. Older builds like 15/01/2015 aren't any faster than the latest release. In fact they'll probably be slower, so if you feel like things are too slow then I suggest using the ro.config.low_ram setting in the 28/02/2015 build. You should also use Greenify, try to remove as many Google apps as possible and remove apps such as Facebook and use the lite version instead. You could try using this script from recovery to remove Gapps: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=40534912&postcount=19 I don't support the Y300 anymore, if that wasn't obvious at this point. I'd recommend everyone using a Y300 to buy a newer phone as the difference will be night and day and you'll love that you no longer have to fight with your phone to get it to work well.
  2. I guess it previously worked fine, so have you tried enabling USB debugging or selecting a different connection mode if you're offered one from the notification menu?
  3. Call volume shouldn't really be low. That's something that nobody complains about, so are you sure that the ROM is installed correctly? If you open up ViPER4Android it should allow you to change some options. If it gives you an error though then the ROM wasn't fully installed correctly. You should find that if you reinstall the stock ROM that the volume level will be exactly the same. Edit: This may be a silly suggestion, but you have tried increasing the volume while in a call, right? And you're sure that the person who's calling you isn't simply being quiet?
  4. It's tricky to do. You have to handle the changes made to the libs folder, set correct permissions etc. You also need to restore data to the data partition and get all of the permissions there correct too. If they're not set correct then they can cause force closes or settings to not save correctly.
  5. Probably not. I'll release refreshed builds with updated apps every now and then, but other than that there's nothing to really fix. I got a new phone a while back so I've not even turned on my Y300 in a long time now. @shomz.one If you're downloading directly from your phone then install AdAway and then disable adblocking. It should allow you to click on the link. If you're doing it from a PC though then something will be blocking it.
  6. Open up Xposed Installer, click framework and select to uninstall. Then uninstall GravityBox. If you open up SuperSU and go to it's settings you'll then see the option to fully unroot the device. If you're going to sell the phone with a custom ROM then you should probably ask the person you sell it to if they would like it rooted. @AJM19 Like xxirioxx said, even with HWA you can't play high def movies. The GPU simply can't handle it and there's not enough RAM. The Y300/G510 can only play standard definition video (360p and 480p if you're lucky). You'll have this problem no matter what ROM you use.
  7. You could download GAPPS for 4.1.x and look at what libs are included. Remove them and then open up GooglePlayServices.apk and remove the libs listed there too. You can then also remove the correct APK's so that you're totally GAPPS free. Keep in mind that when you remove GAPPS it'll break push notifications. http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-jb-20121011-signed.zip If you install the above GAPPS version over the stock version then it'll probably cause issues, so only use the files as a reference.
  8. It's not possible to do a real backport unfortunately as there's way too many changes between the Android versions. The menu can only be faked, but it impacts the performance of the phone and doesn't function like 4.2 really does.
  9. Question. Why would you use this when it's outdated and buggy? AOSP MOD is newer, it has every bug fixed and it performs better than this ROM.
  10. That's just the stock Huawei camera, which actually isn't any better. They both use exactly the same config to generate the pictures. The size difference is due to the Google cameras gallery app having more effects and it doesn't tie into the OS the same as the Huawei version does. And although unrelated to it's size, it also doesn't abuse permissions like the Huawei camera does. I've been providing the Huawei camera as a standalone app that people can install for a while now. The difference is that the version I supply is for B209 where as the version you linked to is for B199. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzpRBylyuvsXdHV0N0JYODRrYzg/
  11. The libs are part of the app updates. All of the replaced libs are from Google Play Services and the one removed is from Nova launcher since Nova no longer requires it. If you were to replace any system app without extracting the libs then it can crash, cause battery drain or cause unexpected behavior. @rik99 Yes, but all custom kernels have the same problem. They break stereo bluetooth headset support. The Synopsis kernel should outperform the Cexstel kernel.
  12. Yeah, the error itself is just hard to pin point. There's not a lot of info on it so you need to find similar devices that have had the same problem or keep guessing and trying different things until it stops doing it. Fonz is doing well to support people here. He's pretty much the only dev that's actually bringing new ROM's to the Y300/G510 and fixing the bugs. He's done some really good work. It's hard to say what would cause the graphical glitches. It could be highendgfx, but in general the forced mode does have issues of it's own. It helps to make the notification menu dropdown animation smoother, but it screws up with animated wallpapers. It's possible that the SwipeBack Xposed module causes a similar glitch.
  13. You haven't needed to do that since I posted the exchange fix. I included it in a ROM refresh a while ago.
  14. I've uploaded a refreshed version of the ROM. It has the same build date and everything, but it includes an updated Nova launcher, Play Store and a few other apps. As usual I've setup the Nova launcher profile so that it'll look a little more like Jelly Bean than Lollipop. If you'd prefer it to not be like that then just clear Nova launchers data.
  15. ES File Explorer does the same thing for free. When you enable root within the app you just click on the text saying "Root Explorer" and then you'll see "Mount R/W" which will allow you to change the /system partition to RW. As for deleting widgets, that's not possible. Most of them are built into apps and there's no way to hide specific ones. With the beta version of Nova Launcher you don't even have the widgets menu. It's been moved to a new screen.
  16. When you select to go back (the back button) it'll ask if you want to save the changes. If you correctly gave the /system partition write access then it'll save just fine and all you'll need to do is reboot.
  17. From the bottom of build.prop scroll up slowly and you'll see this: ro.camera.sound.forced=1 Change the 1 to a 0 and then save the file. You'll need to enable root in ES File Explorer and make the /system partition read and write.
  18. No issues with my Xperia Z1 on LP. It doesn't even have memory leaks.
  19. What was the previous ROM. If it was made on a newer version of Android then that could be why. If the format changes even a little between Android versions then you'll end up with a corrupt database all of the time.
  20. Memory conflict maybe? I mean if the WiFi drivers leaking into the memory required for the GPU then that might cause some screen artifacts or for things to not work. It's going to be difficult to fix if you can't pull any error info from it though.
  21. What happens if you download AdAway to build a block list? You'd need to whitelist any.gs and maybe linkbucks.com but that should stop the really bad adverts. AOSP MOD has a premade hosts file to do all of this for you as well as unblocking some stuff to do with Viber and some other app. What myself and fonz make on using these links really isn't much at all. It can take hundreds of clicks to even get $1, which in my country isn't that much. Making a little something is better than nothing though and it's the very least that people can do. @ fonz93 It's nice to see that you're still putting out new ROM's and trying to fix bugs. Keep it up as you're doing great :)
  22. http://www.modaco.com/topic/372741-rom411b209-aosp-mod-28022015/page-120#entry2240514 Then you also need to install a kernel that supports it. The default kernel doesn't because all custom kernels break bluetooth headsets.
  23. That's kind of just the way it is. You've got 512 MB of RAM, but the GPU takes a large chunk of it which leaves less than 350 MB free. If you then install apps that run in the background e.g. Facebook, Viber, Skype etc. then you'll have very little memory free and the phone will run slower because it's constantly needing to close apps and free up memory for new stuff. I got tired of it so bought a new phone with 2 GB of RAM, problem solved. The only way your Y300 or G510 will run smooth is if you don't install GAPPS. Things like Google Play Services take up too much RAM on these phones.
  24. Maybe. Hangouts is kind of slow on the Y300, but I installed it on my Y300 before I switched phones. Now if I power up my Y300 it's still got blue icons.
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