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  1. All you need to do is flash let's say eng hboot 1.17 for it to bootup without looping. Or anything below 1.23.
  2. Yes you can delete the build.prop from the zip then flash and add 3 lines to your build.prop to have it working for any of trip's versions. I haven't tested with trips latest creations. Been working on my own private ics lately.
  3. In order to get S-ON without bricking your phone you need to use HTC hboot version ONLY!! ENGINEERING HBOOT WILL NOT WORK! . I would flash a version that has boot loader 1.18.x or 1.19 (if you want to s-off ever again) then once you have installed the stock HTC RUU you can then use fastboot fastboot oem writesecureflag 3 Reboot and you should be S-ON again.
  4. Also maybe I will also have it backup the original build.prop if someone needs to revert it at a later point.
  5. really should not have. Which version did you flash. I didn't update the build.prop yet for the new versions trip released this week. I will update those later tonight. If it boot looped you can try wiping cache and delvik. As far as them working I had good success as I use wifi calling at home.
  6. Here it is the WiFi Calling for TripNRaVeR's CM9. Special thanks for RoidDroidVoid for testing and about using HTC-RIL 4.0.0012HMQ instead of the one included in CM9. Download CM9 WiFi Calling Patch Download MIUI V4 WiFi Calling Patch What's included: Trip's build.prop with proper RIL settings HTC-RIL 4.0.0012HMQ Directions: 1) Copy file to your SD Card. 2) Reboot into Recovery. 3) Flash WiFi_Calling_Patch_CM9_ICS.zip for CM9 or WiFi_Calling_Patch_MIUI_V4.zip for MIUIV4 4) Reboot. Your done!
  7. Already answered it. What he is referring to is the 2nd icon from the top left. It will show if you have USB Debugging enabled and have it connected to a computer via USB cable.
  8. If you download the version I provided, everything works except bluetooth. WIFI Calling is included. Bluetooth does turn on, will see a headset, but will not be able to properly pair because of kernel routing issue. Hope that helps.
  9. For one should never quote the OP. But the answer to your question is when you have your phone plugged into your PC with debug turned on.
  10. Here is the link below. WIFI Calling is already included in ROM. Download Here You should not have to wipe anything other than Dalvik/Cache after you flash. But I always prefer a fresh wipe of Data/Cache/Dalvik then flashing of zip. Enjoy.
  11. Hi Jeff,

    What ROM are you using and kernel?

  12. Hi there I have tried all kinds of patches for the wifi calling and nothing seems to work. The wifi app is on it it just says reading sim and nothing else. Just wondering if you had an answer for this.... THANKS

  13. Hey Trip. I wouldn't mind helping you out with the bluetooth issue. Also would like to work on your MIUI port too. Got everything working with it except bluetooth. Tried to send you a msg but wouldnt take. So hit me up.
  14. Played with this version last nite. I have fixed WIFI Calling, Bluetooth tho is still touch and go. Still seems to be a Bluetooth/RFCOMM issue with routing ie "No route to host" in logs. Not sure if anyone is still using this or not. If so I can put together the WIFI Calling fix. Just let me know. May still work on getting BT fully functional or functional enough to use on calls. Edit: well I am pretty sure now it is kernel related for the Bluetooth(Just because Bluetooth turns on doesnt mean it really fully works). WIFI Calling works flawless. Made a lot of calls and received calls.
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