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  1. The Alcatel One Touch 997D will get official jellybean in the 2nd quartal of 2013.
  2. Yes I would like to! Well, I can promise you, there will be a ROM Porting Tool for armv7. I'm currently working on a new release which will include -> armv7 Support -> Two ROM-porting ways: the standard one and a new framework porting way (perfect for MIUI and the other well-styled chinese ROMs) -> ..
  3. Just ordered an Alcatel One Touch 997D Ultra.. 1Ghz dual core 1GB RAM 8mp canera For just 200€ :D
  4. Jap that's true. Main reason would be the good standby time.. Just looking at some chinese phones..ZTE U950 and the UMI One :P
  5. What do you think of the Huawei Honor/U8860? 950h in standbymode and a 1900mAh accu are quite awesome. It doesn't have to be dual core, does it? 1.4ghz are enough for me ;)
  6. Thanks for all the responses! Well, I think I'll buy a G330. The main reasons are the dual-core cpu, the bigger internal space and the better design. The Nexus 4 starts at 299$ in the USA, which should cost only 185£ in the UK and 229€ in Austria. But here, it costs 400€, which is too much... Or should I order a Nexus 4 from USA..(i need a proxy then :P)
  7. Hi! I'm coming from the ZTE Blade and want to buy a new phone for Christmas. So I looked at Amazon and found two very interesting handsets: The Huawei Ascend G300 (lots of old ZTE Blade/Skate devs/buddys bought that device) and the Huawei Ascend G330. The G330 costs only 15 Euros (12 pounds) more than the G300 and has got a dual core 1ghz processor, but it hasn't got such a great Dev community. Which one would you recommend me? Do you think that the G330 will also have such a great community? Is there any other phone in that class? Thanks in advance! XMasterNinni PS: Hi Daz! :)
  8. AOKP is much better than CNA. CNA is just a little clone. And you can't compile it as its based on AOSP (only armv7)
  9. Search the Blade forum here on modaco for a tool...
  10. @C3C0 Those google bastards -_- Next thing can probably be CETA in Europe...
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