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  1. XMasterNinni

    Budget to Mid Range Jellybean?

    I know :/ but the specs are quite good
  2. XMasterNinni

    Budget to Mid Range Jellybean?

    The Alcatel One Touch 997D will get official jellybean in the 2nd quartal of 2013.
  3. XMasterNinni

    Buying a new phone: G300 or G330?

    Yes I would like to! Well, I can promise you, there will be a ROM Porting Tool for armv7. I'm currently working on a new release which will include -> armv7 Support -> Two ROM-porting ways: the standard one and a new framework porting way (perfect for MIUI and the other well-styled chinese ROMs) -> ..
  4. XMasterNinni

    Buying a new phone: G300 or G330?

    Just ordered an Alcatel One Touch 997D Ultra.. 1Ghz dual core 1GB RAM 8mp canera For just 200€ :D
  5. XMasterNinni

    Buying a new phone: G300 or G330?

    Jap that's true. Main reason would be the good standby time.. Just looking at some chinese phones..ZTE U950 and the UMI One :P
  6. XMasterNinni

    Buying a new phone: G300 or G330?

    What do you think of the Huawei Honor/U8860? 950h in standbymode and a 1900mAh accu are quite awesome. It doesn't have to be dual core, does it? 1.4ghz are enough for me ;)
  7. XMasterNinni

    Buying a new phone: G300 or G330?

    Thanks for all the responses! Well, I think I'll buy a G330. The main reasons are the dual-core cpu, the bigger internal space and the better design. The Nexus 4 starts at 299$ in the USA, which should cost only 185£ in the UK and 229€ in Austria. But here, it costs 400€, which is too much... Or should I order a Nexus 4 from USA..(i need a proxy then :P)
  8. Hi! I'm coming from the ZTE Blade and want to buy a new phone for Christmas. So I looked at Amazon and found two very interesting handsets: The Huawei Ascend G300 (lots of old ZTE Blade/Skate devs/buddys bought that device) and the Huawei Ascend G330. The G330 costs only 15 Euros (12 pounds) more than the G300 and has got a dual core 1ghz processor, but it hasn't got such a great Dev community. Which one would you recommend me? Do you think that the G330 will also have such a great community? Is there any other phone in that class? Thanks in advance! XMasterNinni PS: Hi Daz! :)
  9. Yes 7227a but not 7227...so its armv7 and it won't work.
  10. AOKP is much better than CNA. CNA is just a little clone. And you can't compile it as its based on AOSP (only armv7)
  11. Should be possible but don't port a ROM which is too large..
  12. XMasterNinni


    Search the Blade forum here on modaco for a tool...
  13. And it would be nice if you give credits to me and Daz...
  14. @C3C0 Those google bastards -_- Next thing can probably be CETA in Europe...

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