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  1. After installing Launcher Pro it now runs sweet as a nut. Looking forward to the next release. Good work Tilal!
  2. I've install CM9, looking good. However it runs rubbish on my OMC screens are laggy and choppy, anyone got any ideas?
  3. As we all know the Skate is lacking on internal memory, I have a 16gb card but still do not have any onboard memory available. The majority of the apps that can be are already on the SD card. Can anyone recommend any ways to further save onboard memory? I am using the app2sd facility on CM7. Thanks
  4. Thanks mate :D I will try this later
  5. Anyone else found the iPlayer app is almost unwatchable? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. I have moved them to the SD card just on the applications menu on CM. Will this be causing the issue? Any tips on saving some on board memory as its always full. Thanks
  7. This may be me being a noob but I would appreciate some help! :) My Twitter and Facebook apps will not stay signed in meaning I have to log in everytime I go on the app. Anyone got any ideas? CM7 - OMC
  8. Personal experience using the Monte Carlo is very good, I've had devices (Desire, Galaxy S, Nexus One and iPhone 4) and the OMC definitely competes well with all these devices. I am very very happy for the money and you should find the battery life fairly average for a 4.3" screen device. If you're not happy with the battery then buy another one seen as the phone cost you peanuts compared to the other devices like it.
  9. Hi all I'm using cyanogenmod 7 and I get vibration notification on calls and whatsapp. But not on SMS? I might be being a noob but can someone help me Ta
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. I was rather hoping to continue using the stock messaging app and wondered if there was a mod/app that can control this function? Thanks
  11. hacking the £$%^ out of this skate

  12. Is it possible to change this for different notifications on the back key? Or change colour or frequency? I'm using OMC running Cyanogenmod7 and this phone is brilliant for the money. Many thanks :D Fruity.
  13. just picked mine up yesterday from Meadowhall with 3 left in stock there.
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