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  1. Should be interesting, so here goes...this is a facebook game to see who reads posts or just trolls. so if you read this, leave me one word on how we met. Only one word, then copy this to your wall so i can leave a word for you. Please don't just put a word and not copy. :-)

  2. I downloaded & installed it from Google play shop, as others have have said it runs rather slow & I've found it also crashes a lot whether it's installed on phone or SD card :(
  3. Thanks for this, installed it the other night & all seems good
  4. I had the exact same problem & Racerboy pointed me here & it worked a treat :D
  5. Thanks for that Racerboy it certainly did the trick
  6. Thanks for that I'll give it a try & report back
  7. I would ultimately like to install a different ROM on my ZTE Racer, but am having a problem getting a root to stay, here is what is actually happening: I was trying to install using the following instructions: English ( at the request of users ): Step One: Download the required files 1st - Universal Androot 1.6.1 (I chose this for my video) Link - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=W3OGVL6E 2nd - Clockworkmod recovery (I chose this for my video) Link - http://android.podtwo.com/recovery/recovery-clockwork- 3rd - Recovery Manager v0.34b (I chose this for my video) Link - http://android.podtwo.com/recoverymanager/RecoveryManager_v0.34b.zip (Unpack such a file and copy it into memory stick) 4th - ROM you want (I chose listed below for my video) - Elected as this video - ZTE Racer 2.3 RC4 Update (Cm7) - Link to the rom - http://www.mediafire.com/?6d8d1jxeczchzc9 - Link to Google Applications and Market - http://www.mediafire.com/?1hblv8aagnpazlp Step two: Install the Recovery on Phone 1st - Data Factory Reset (Not required, but I encourage you) 2nd - Installation of Universal Androot + After installing the Root-ing to enter the phone application, click on the "Root :-)" and confirm with "Root Me" 3rd - Installing the Recovery Manager + Installation after installing a recovery Clockworkmod -Click on the balloon with the name of "Recovery" and choose "Install Recovery" Confirm by clicking on the "/ sdcard/recovery-clockwork-, once again confirm by clicking "Ok". + Then run a Recovery -Reset the phone and "Power" and "Volume -" button to hold, enter the recovery Clockworkmod Step Three: Install Custom ROM on your phone 1st - Select "Wipe data / factory reset" -Confirm with "Yes - delete all user data" 2nd - Select "wipe cache partition" -Confirm with "Yes - Wipe Cache" 3rd - Select the option "install zip from sd card" -Then select "chose zip from sdcard" 4th - Select the option that bears the name of your ROM "update-cm-7.0.0-mooncake_signed" - Confirm with "Yes - Install update-cm-7.0.0-mooncake_signed" 5th - When installation is finished, go back one step back and choose "advanced" then "Reboot Recovery." After rebooting Recovery and select "Reboot ststeva now." 6th - Completed the installation of your custom ROM. Enjoy ;-) 7th - To install the Google application, repeat step two point four but you need to only select "gapps-gb-full" and then confirm with "Yes - Gapps instal-gb-full". I managed to root the phone install the clockwork mod image, however when trying to reboot into recovery the phone just hangs at the green android with the red light on solid, from there the only way to get to boot the phone is remove & then replace the battery. After rebooting after doing the above the root is lost so i'm back to square one, I've also tried to get a permanent root using Z4. Any help would be appreciated
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