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  1. As you know there is about 300 mb of unused space on /system after removing unneeded system apps. In order to take advantage of this free space I decided to run several odex scripts. This would give me also more space on /data. But the problem is that the phone hangs on Huawei logo after any odex script. Does anyone have odexed stock rom with succes? And of course I have unlocked bootloader, rooted the device and pushed the necessary files for odex (as I have odexed my earlier phones).
  2. You can add RTL support to your original 2.2 rom: http://blog.devasque.com/ and download Multiling Keyboard ( or do the same after an optional upgrade to 2.3) or you can get CyanogenMod7 which already has Arabic support.
  3. Can anyone check if usb-charging is working? My handset gives charging (in statusbar and settings) but charge level never increases = fake charging! Regular charger working good
  4. Unfortunately, same sizes here. Maybe try it on a third pc with fresh drivers to exclude some probabilities.
  5. So, are the partition tables restored as on 2.3.6 or not? Maybe an idea to check sizes with freespace app from market. I will compare them with mine.
  6. Just for feedback: Battery life is getting better with this kernel. I have used the phone for 3 days 12 hours with one charge, wifi always on, SIP always registered, 4-5 phone calls a day, messaging a lot and still 20% remaining. The earlier kernel gave me 2,5 days with same usage. Using Stock 2.3.6
  7. Can you get in fastboot? Is phone recognized when in fastboot? Did you - after reviving phone - use the official update package on the site?
  8. Sorry, I didn't had time last days. I selected AOSP and pushed the files. I have not a problem with any app. All apps support Arabic shaping and letters are connected.
  9. I think this is for writing Arabic. But he will not be able to read correct Arabic in browser and gmail
  10. If you have a bootloop now, but still can go in recovery mode, you can mount system partition and push that file with adb while in recovery mode you shouldn't need a backup for now, only push that file (and all other files in output folder). Edit... you need android-sdk for this, if you haven't yet. http://dl.google.com/android/installer_r16-windows.exe
  11. http://blog.devasque.com/?page_id=11 With this guide I arabized 2.3.6 But, I say again: root phone, install recovery and don't try anything before making a backup.
  12. Maybe I was wrong by saying that they are not selling smartphones, but still they don't support native Arabic UI firmware! You can't download firmware from their UAE site like you can from European sites. So you got arabized your 2.3.6?
  13. They don't offer smartphones on their Middle-east site. I am sure waj911 didn't buy his phone from there. Anyway... Do you have rooted your phone, recovery installed and made a backup?
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