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  1. Anyone else with a VZW GalNex having WiFi signal strength issues? I finally got around to experimenting last night and with I'm R12/13 I'm getting about 20dB less signal in my bedroom than with stock or CM9. It doesn't seem to be a reporting issue since I do drop the WiFi connection when it dips too low. This happens with stock or Franco kernels.
  2. I know Paul's probably busy weeding through the official 4.0.4 release, but I wonder if he can do anything interesting with tablet mode. I played briefly with it by modifying build.prop to set the screen density to 160 and it looks like it could be workable and a nice change to the UI. I don't know if it was the lack of installing one of the tablet mods or simply a shortcoming of Nova launcher but the navigation buttons didn't appear so it's not very usable in the current state. Then again, other than a nice YouTube app it doesn't buy too much so the level of effort vs. return on investment may not be favorable...
  3. That was my first assumption. I also saw this in the XDA thread around Franco's kernel:
  4. I use WidgetLocker for that. Not perfect (sometimes there's a bit of lag on unlock), but it works well for me.
  5. It's pretty pricey, but I've always wanted one of these for my laptop bag: http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/cellphone/e722/
  6. Jeff Bower

    Strange behavior with grafik output

    I'm not sure exactly how your app works, but remember you have a lot more pixels on the Galaxy Nexus. If there's something about your application that makes it work harder when there are more pixels that could certainly explain it - for example if you have one particle for every 100 pixels you'd have 2.4x the number of particles on the Galaxy Nexus. The processors are also different, it's feasible the math you're doing on the back end is just much better suited to the Exynos 4210 on the S2, or the S5PC110 on the S instead of the OMAP 4460 for some reason. Something else to try is on the Galaxy Nexus you can open up Settings --> Developer Options --> Force GPU Rendering and see if that helps.
  7. Jeff Bower

    Strange behavior with grafik output

    Just as a guess, your app is probably single-threaded which means that only one core can be used - no change from the Galaxy S. As to why it's slower at 1.2GHz over 1 GHz, the Galaxy Nexus is 480x800 or 384,000 pixels. The Galaxy Nexus is 720x1280 or 921,600 pixels. You're pushing 240% more pixels with only 20% more CPU power. If you can easily scale the system to a fixed 480x800 you may see that it's much faster. If you can change your app to make it multi-threaded you'd also see a performance boost since you could use both cores.
  8. Sadly this ROM doesn't (currently) support the VZW model. Paul's working on a version that does, but until then you'll need to flash back to another ROM. I use a simple Deodexed but otherwise stock ROM which allows me to manually mod in the softkeys and I use Paul's USB-host-enabled kernel. Together this is the bulk of the functionality I want.
  9. Jeff Bower

    rom install fail

    Not a problem! :) https://market.andro...tails?id=sa.afv
  10. Paul's working on it (and we're eagerly waiting!). FYI, the search button is off on the right-hand column. If you have issues finding it, try <ctrl>-F and type "search" to highlight it. In the mean time, some things like the USB-host-enabled kernel do work on the VZW model - be as always be ready to reflash before you try anything.

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