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  1. Is there a way to get a separate package files for Xloud? I'm really interested in something to increase volume level of the external speaker and Volume+ didn't help.
  2. Yes it does, but I can only disable default Camera application using Autostarts. So far I haven't found an option in Autostart to configure another application to run when Focus button is pressed - do you know how to do that?
  3. Does the second option work if I have t&l ROM and would like to activate another camera app instead of standard one?
  4. thanks anyway, now I have all that SDK stuff on my Mac and can issue adb commands as the phone is rooted ;)
  5. Do you have themes' zips as well? Just in case.. ;) Please PM me or something if you do Thanks
  6. the link works, just checked.
  7. download the ROM zip and extract what you want, huh?
  8. well, brand is what makes the difference. 32Gb SanDisk class 4 performs without a glitch, but 4Gb Kingston class 4 was somewhat strange, gave spontaneous "SD card removed unexpectedly" messages. Samsung and SanDisk are ways to go imo
  9. help with what? you need to be more descriptive if you expect a reasonable answer
  10. boot in recovery, go to "Other" and select "signature" (last string in Recovery 2.2), then go back to "Flash zip"
  11. well, I followed all the long instructions and now I'm able to manage my phone via "adb shell", but there was no way to install custom recovery apart from setting it up from Windows :\
  12. I thought all this was to obtain this root, wasn't it? ;)
  13. on step 8 it says "Operation not permitted" what's wrong with it?
  14. Sent my PayPal receipt for my second-hand S120 to Acer yesterday and today received the answer: Thank you for updating us with the proof of purchase. We have updated the date of purchase in our records, 10/12/2013 is the warranty expiry date for the product. Great, I like it ;)
  15. Acer tech support adviced me to apply a patch to resolve the problem. Well, I'm a bit sceptical as it's not for S120 and not for Gingerbread.. also, my 32 Gb Sandisk doesn't show any error messages so far and I don't bother about old Kingston much ;) Anyway, it seems like not all SD cards are the same for our beloved phone.
  16. Huh, they eventually answered my question. As I bought my one off Ebay, they kindly requested to send my PayPal receipt to update their records ;)
  17. Congratulations! I still don't know why don't they respond on my question regarding warranty and proof of purchase - that's weird..
  18. Thanks for sharing your experience. I believe it's pretty safe to use many well-known brands (like Sandisk, Kingston, Samsung Transcend etc) with this device if you buy it from a reputable seller (to make sure it's original). I don't know about video recording, but for everything else class 4 is enough, there is no need to jump higher if you're not a millionaire ;)
  19. eventually tried 32 Gb Class 4 Sandisk card and compared it with 4 Gb Class 4 Kingston one using CrystalDisk and h2testw for Windows. everything is similar to XDA developers thread. test using h2testw killed the microSD-to-USB Kingston adaptor - it dosn't show any card' content anymore, just an empty reader.. after reading some more test results went to conclusion that it's pretty pointless to test cards not in the phone itself, the results reflects nothing real and practical as phone's interaction with a card is not the same as computer's interaction with a card via USB. Sandisk card works well, no "SD card removed unexpectedly" so far, fingers crossed ;)
  20. Did Acer pay for pick up? I think there should be something on their website regarding repair time, but it won't be very accurate as cases are always different. Why don't you go to a seller of the phone? You could get a replacement until they organise repair and stuff according ho the law. I know, it's not so easy though..
  21. huh.. just found this - not very enjoyable :\
  22. well, according to some articles on the net higher class cards are good with big files like mp3s or videos, but struggle with small ones, which is common with smartphones.
  23. I'm using original ROM from Acer, not rooted. When my 32 Gb Class 4 Sandisk arrives, I will use it instead of borrowed 4 Gb Class 4 Kingston. Not sure I'll play this game with overclocking though, but thanks for the idea.
  24. I bought it with Gingerbread installed, not Froyo. I'll sooner install some custom ROM like t&l to see the difference and get it rooted in the same time ;) What SD card reader? The card is in the phone constantly. If you're talking about its SD slot.. google the topic title and you'll get loads of results from owners of HTC, Motorola etc which makes me think it's less likely hardware problem of S120 only. Anyway, before I send it to Acer, I need to get a response from that lazy guys first.. :(
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