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  1. What is the logic in the B numbers ? It seems the B01 is from a later date than the B08 and then the B10 all of a sudden is B01 hard to find any logic in these version numbers hope someone did figure it out and would like to share it
  2. Since bluetooth speed depends on many factors, like encoding decoding, transmission speed, and many other variables it is always delayed and never to predict how much delayed. Usually between 0,5 and 2 seconds.. only way to compensate is delay video for X,X seconds, or use normal headphone
  3. looking for that radio that can redirect the output to bluetooth... I know i did find it here somewhere but I can't find it anymore and are there interenet radio programs other than winamp shoutcast ?? oops
  4. everything else works fine with bluetooth, jabra headset bt3030 and all functions work fine ... it is only file transfer that isn't working ZTE brings update but fail to tell what it will update .... trail and mainly error to figure out what has been updated I guess
  5. same here using factory rom which is by far the best battery saver ... Having the same problem with bluetooth, i noticed there are 2 instances of btfiletransfer running, haven't figured out which one is needed and which one is faulty... there are some official ZTE updates however that might bring other problems like, no longer be able to use clockwork and root access etc... so far i have been using a program from google store "software datacable" which turns the phone into a FTP server over wifi and it is much faster than BTooth that way ... I have stockrom B01 ... i noticed there is up to B08 available but didn't test any of those ... YET
  6. I used the proximity sensor patch ... you can download here http://blog.brightpoint.co.uk/installing-zte-skate-proximity-sensor-patch?page=5 haven't a clue what it has done but it solved the problem ... I downloaded the program directly to the phone by the way, there is no real reason for all the usb connections, i think
  7. That is what it should be ... i know, testing reveals other things ;-)
  8. they all read about 18mb per second ... write is a different story... some class 10 will only write 5mb per second and other class 6 will write 13mb per second .... but a samsung 32GB class 10 will cost only $14,66 including shipping http://www.ebay.com/...=item256d81dded which might be a fraud ... all others are twice as much ... concerning the transcend http://reviews.bestbuy.com/3545/3543046/transcend-32gb-microsdhc-class-4-memory-card-reviews/reviews.htm
  9. just for fun i had on my windows phone a utility that told me to which cell tower i was connected and meanwhile it was monitoring the signal strength of 4 other towers nearby. So far i can see to what tower I am connected, but i haven't been able to find the "look ahead buffer" with the four other towers and their signal strength... Does anybody know how the skate is doing the switching between towers and is there a program to monitor those connections ? And where ever I am, I only get 1mbit download and 125Kbit upload speed, which is rather low for what umts (g3) is capable of ... skate or provider ?
  10. nope I had HTC too ... only nokia will work in standard configuration due to the wire configuration ... you need a converter cable with htc
  11. Already using a converter cable with microphone and where i can plug in any headphone ... I loved the good old headphone during the cold :rolleyes: warm ears and music ... The cheap converter cable was a "rip off" it has only 3 wires so basically it is the same as plug in any headphone but without shortcicuiting the microphone so the so what more expensive ones for ZTE blade come into the picture
  12. Installed headset button controller to no avail, since it doesn't recognize any button clicks from the wired headset, back to the stock rom and yes that part is working just fine one click answers, two clicks hang u, it doesn't need headset button controller so I wasted another 2 euro ...
  13. I am probably, well I know I am, an old man ... "fixed" the radio by going to the freq in the first pre-set at 98.7 and then down to 91.1 Mhz put the stations I wanted in a pre-set and now it works... Just received my new mic converter cable so I can talk and use a good headphone however if I receive a phone call I can't take the call by pressing the mic button for a sec ( or less ) I have to get the phone out and slide to take the call ... so I gained just about nothing ... can't find any real handsfree setting ... and I wonder is there any ancient handsfree setting in this rom version ?????
  14. thanks for this pretty simple almost basic rom . FM radio works fine in US mode 200Khz steps but in EU mode 100Khz steps it only scans from 87.5 to 90.9 and goes back to 87.5 and in the US mode I miss most of my favorite radio stations ... tried to update the radio but it is a system app and i can't replace it can the original skate FM radio be integrated somehow ? , it had 9 presets everything else so far so good
  15. If you need a headphone with microphone you need to buy a Nokia compatible set, has to do with the wires. If you don't need a microphone you can use any headphone ... if it has a microphone and it isn't nokia / zte compatible you will miss the voices in the music
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