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  1. Can I try this on Huawei Ascend G300? They have nearly same specs and same CPU and GPU
  2. Im using it from 01.06 and it was starting to be slow but then I found geenify and hibernated all apps i had. Then I downloaded memory booster and when Im starting feeling that phone starts to slow down I press Quick boost and kill all tasks buttons. Then I did backup in TWRP and in system/lib/egl I renamed libGLES_android.so to for an example libGLES_android.soq and from egl.cfg I removed all except "0 1 adreno200" and now every thing feels much more smoother and faster :). I like this rom very much. Thanks kyan for your effort and skill :)
  3. WOW Epic rom :D I have nothing bad to say about it. It is must to update from Lightning because it is much more better :).I found only one bug so far but i think there is something bad with support of google keep's 3*1 widget on trebuchet. When I put it on trebuchet's desktop i can't move it because when I try to move it trebuchet crashes. It doesn't bother me because I use Smart Launcher. But possibly there is someone who use it.
  4. Good job as always :). What are differences between this and Lightning? Is it worth to update from Lightning? But Tesla is mine idol :D so i will try it :D. Hey Kyan :D arent you electrician? :D because names of your roms are showing on it :D Im studying as electrician and like it :D
  5. After 2 weeks i got my unlock code. First mail was with only written info and they told they have no code for me. Second mail they dont answered at all. Third mail I sent the photo of my box, recieved code and it worked :)
  6. I have this protector and I totally love and recommend it. I had it on my old ZTE Skate and after that it is must buy brand for me. If I sometimes later buy new phone i will definitely buy this protector again. Disagu has EPIC customer support because when I bought first protector for my foil I stuck it totally bad. Then I have written them mail of what I have done and they sent me free foil :). After this experience I have no reason to buy other protector. And about quality: -touch feels like glass. -99% transparency -anti-reflective -all is good It is only one in pack. If you want some other info you can ask :). http://www.disagu.co.uk/vikuiti-adqc27-screen-protector-for-huawei-ascend-g300.html
  7. Thank you much for help. Will I need some experience in C++ or other programming language? And can i start on Ubuntu 13.04? Will be 75 gb partition enough for android? Im 16 years old and have 0 experience with rom developing :/. Sorry for so much questions.
  8. Thx for help :) what do you think about my specs: 3.4 ghz 4 cores cpu, 8gb ram, gtx460 1gb, i dont have ssd only hdd. How much time would will probably compiling comsume? I want try to compile ics or so somtimes. :)
  9. Is there any way to build clean multilangual CM7? I have never built any roms but I want to try it.
  10. I want to try it so much but dazzozzo's CM10.1 f*cked up my S/N :(. So if you haven't tried it don't try it at all! I have same serial number as my bluetooth mac adress. :( If there is any possible way to change it back because it is under battery. OMG :(
  11. I have same problem. Installed it while following all instructions exactly but cant pass thru shendu logo. On first boot welcome logo appears but when I press start it reboots and stops on shendu logo. Sometimes black screen appears and i can see time and battery blinking on status bar. Then I pull out battery and put it back and again it stops booting on shendu logo.
  12. Wtf so if I accidentally drop my G300 or something like that, so it can go straight to rubbish bin?! :blink: Or is there any way to change serial number back?
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