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    ZTE Skate, Advent Vega
  1. droidbittin

    Retiring ZTE Skate

    After buying an Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini i am retering my ZTE Skate, and giving it to my grandfather after using it for 2 years, but still having an ZTE Blade as extra phone :P downgrading the Skate to CM7 for my grandfather atm, and removing me personal data from it :)
  2. droidbittin

    [ROM][JB 4.3] Jenkins CM10.2 build

    Cool i found my Skate like last month would be cool to run Kitkat on it, but i am more and more thinking of jumping ship to something newer and give this to my grandad with stock on it :P
  3. droidbittin

    [ROM][JB 4.3] Jenkins CM10.2 build

    CM 11 is now out aswell hope someone ports it for Skate :)
  4. droidbittin

    [ROM][JB 4.3] Jenkins CM10.2 build

    Awesome just have to wait for a KitKat CM then :)
  5. droidbittin

    My ZTE Skate is Gone/Stolen Lost

    Found my ZTE Skate now, behind a bookcase and called the swedish cop so they could unlock the IMEI costed me 8$ well worth :), but think i am gonna buy a newer phone anyways later as Kitkat is soon out :) Gonna setup Google Device Manager tommorow when phone is activated for sure
  6. droidbittin

    My ZTE Skate is Gone/Stolen Lost

    i did not find my phone anywhere so its totally gone, buying an Samsung Galaxy S III Mini the 18th September instead when i have some money :)
  7. Hello, i have been using my work iPhone 4 and calling people via skype for a while, and some weeks ago when i was about to upgrade Cyanogenmod on my ZTE Skate i noticed it was not on my computer table and looked trough my apartment for 5-6hours for it, and it does not seem to be anywhere :(, i think i might have keept in a pair of pants and washed it or lost it on the streets so someone stolen it or lost it in a coat at work, but my work is closed to like 4th August as its IT Department at a school, i hope i will find it =( if not this is the end of me having an ZTE Skate, a friend said he could get me a cheap Nokia and my mom might have some old Samsung Smartphone with specs as the ZTE Blade we will see what will happen maybe RIP bittin owning an ZTE Skate :( //bittin
  8. Thanks for the new rom and the new Gapps :)
  9. someone can reupload the Gapps for this? The goo.im link is down :(
  10. cool will try this out :), still has a Skate as my Primary phone for a couple of months, saving up for a Nexus 4 :P
  11. Will install this now and see if it works better for me still on CM 10.0 :P
  12. i reverted back to last working CFX2, but guess i will try CFX3 and see if that works for me when next update is out :)
  13. Did not get the keyboard, and other stuff to work in this rom is there coming a more stable update or should i revert back to CFX2?

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