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  1. KonstaT please update with PT_MR02b (http://download.ztedevice.com/UpLoadFiles/product/568/5867/soft/2015121517071246.zip) Pin this topic :D Thanks
  2. " Dear Valued ZTE Customer, Thanks for contacting ZTE. Please do remember if you root the device, the internal system will be destroyed and the device will not be stable And you will loose manufacture warranty Should there be further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We shall always be glad of service. Best Regards! "
  3. I'm going to install this today. I have a device system write protected... Is it bad? What can't I do that others can? Any solution? Thanks
  4. I'm writing in Portuguese... Porque não instalas o MR02d UK? Tenho no meu Smart Ultra 6 e está espetacular... Até ver não me deu um único problema
  5. I have the same problem. If i reboot, I keep the root but system is write protected! Damn it... Cant use Link2SD
  6. Dude you are awesome... Thanks for the explanation!
  7. Thanks it worked... Imagine (just imagine) that I have a costum ROM with stock nandroid backup... Is it possible to restore data for costum rom without any trouble? Thanks
  8. Hi, Im rooted. I want to update but I have to unroot and flash stock firmware. Whats the best way to backup and restore apps and system settings? Thanks
  9. Hi guys this is the Stock Version for Vodafone Smart Ultra 6, so that you can flash via TWRP. How to Flash Download ROM to Internal Memory, SD Card or OTGBoot into Costum Recovery (TWRP)Factory Reset (System, Data, Cache, Dalvik)Flash ROM and reboot SuperSU SuperSU 2.46 Downloads VDF-995NB01-PT002c [PT-PT] Info If you want to see your Stock Version here just upload it and send me link... Thanks for @Frankish and @PaulOBrien for helping me build Portuguese (PT-PT) version Hope you all enjoy the work! Best Regards
  10. Still runing smooth! Thanks mate! Nice tutorial
  11. I'm kind of an experient android user... I have rooted so many devices I can't count it... But can't with this one! Can you send me pm with skype username or something so we can talk and see whats going on? Best Regards and Thanks I'ts important for me... I want to use greenify and Link2SD :)
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