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  1. the rom works on y300 only bug for me is toggles not themed and device name g510(need to change build prop) ..if you wipe and install the rom you have no os installed ..you need to do the wipes reboot in recovery then install the rom..
  2. try to reboot in recovery before install the rom
  3. I Tried in y300 unfortunatly no sim detected no bluetooth and no camera... The rom in pretty fast.. I hope will be usable for daily use also for y300...
  4. sauron76

    [ROM] MIUI ROM 3.6.14

    Hi guys..is this rom compatible with y300-0100
  5. e poi gente che non hai mai cagato ti cancella da fb.....fammela aggiungere alle cose di cui non mi frega un cazzo....

  6. poverino bonucci 4 perette fanno male :( ...meglio un clistere

  7. domani tutti da napolitano...un'altra mummia

  8. maradittu zilinzone

  9. maledetto guido meda.....devi essere pieno di passione per le moto per riuscire ad ascoltare le sue minchiate .....

  10. sauron76

    I come bearing MIUI

    i use that miui with tl kernel (i have not any problem with both kernel) and with english version with no language pack (italian ) i need to reboot to use hotspot wifi somethimes and all times i need to reboot to switch off hotspot wifi...i'm also not able to go in options menu.. i was using english version because the italian pack removes (i dont know why this decision) torch app and the torch in lockscreen is a thing i like...then yesterday i change the update script in italian pack and now torch still works...the surprise for me was that now hotspot works fine...i can switch on switch off and go in the option menu everytime...maybe italian pack solve that problem but i don't know why :)....
  11. cazzo che gara.....

  12. sauron76

    market error in miui 2.4.6

    hi i use miui and everything is fine...but google stolen all my paid app in my second account...:)...sorry for the off topic but can i ask you wich theme do you use..
  13. ciao ciao mou..loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  14. maledetta aams ladri autorizzati

  15. Guarda la mano che ho appena giocato su @PokerStars al tavolo "NLHE 100/200 Zoom 1" (Soldi finti 100/200) http://t.co/YdxQlm52 #BOOMPlayer


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