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  1. One another unknow bug, when using the youtube apps, the phone reboots (Acer liquid A1 256)
  2. Hi, I've a bootloop on my liquid A1, cana you explain me why please ? - I've flashed the CMW recovery - I've created an ext partition (1024) and a SWAP partition (256) - I've done an wipe all and a wipe cache partition - I've flashed the ROM and it don't work, my phone don't want to pass the boot animation,
  3. oh yes, you're true. So disable hardware accel seems to improve our liquid ICS performances ^^. Launcher don't lag for me and UI is faster. But maybe in game it will be one other thing but like I don't play with my phone.
  4. I've watched for enable HW acceleration and I did it. You've to open the alpha zip archive, go to the system folder, open build.prop and change the line : ro.config.disable_hw_accel=false to ro.config.disable_hw_accel=true I didn't notice a battery drain and the liquid is faster. Why did you disabled this option ?
  5. the battery is not drained anymore. 1% per hour in phone sleep :-) It's awsome
  6. There is a big battery drain. In 6 hours without really use it (only 1 hours of music, 2min calling and 25 sms) the battery is at 1%. When we go to settings and battery I can see that's the screen who use the battery
  7. I don't think it's possible. If the option is not in the application, we need source code for add her and source code is note free so we can't. Maybe google will add this option later.
  8. really great jobs devs. I've seen that you don't include any baseband. I will try to add one just for see if it's work and I will tell you te result (and if it's work I will post a link)
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