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  1. I've installed the 3.0.1 but i have a big problem. I cant install anything from the Play market every app which is bigger tham 1 mb says I dont have enough free space. I'm using Link2SD so I have more than 60 mb of free space. Any solution?
  2. Hi Everyone! I need a little help with unlocking. My sister just got her new ZTE Blade III (4.0) but its locked and she wants to use it with a different SIM card. I'm already unlocked a ZTE Blade (I think it was gen1 2.3.2 ) and it was like 3 sec to do. But with this Blade III..... I tried the unlock code generated form IMEI. 3-4 sites gave me the same unlock code, but its not working. I tried some PC softwares, but most of them were crappy and not worked at all, or wanted me to buy premium acc etc.... Tried an apk from the market, but its just gave me the same unlock code as the websites. I dont know if its even possible to unlock the new Blade III. If there is a way, I hope someone will tell me. It can be either unlock code, application or custom ROM. Its only need to work.
  3. Hi guys! I've just installed this rom on my phone, and works perfectly expect its sucking my battery down. When its in stand by mode its ok, but when I'm using an application I'm running out of juice very quickly. 2 minutes Angry Birds~10% battery life. In stand by mode whole night~almost nothing. I'm installed the first one (RОМ t&l_Metal_2.3.6_13), and my CPU on 800Mhz. Backlight is about 12%, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth etc turned off. What should I do? I like this ROM because its fast as hell, and seem very stable.
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