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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/r63s8z2a1rlk7l3/s2e.mp3?dl=0 Link for s2e app. Had to rename it mp3 so rename back to apk. Dont know if this works and I vaguely remember having to install a scrip and repartition my sd card through C.W.M. hope this helps as I use to love this rom and my blade as it was my first android . all the best j
  2. Delete are account after its been breached sounds like shutting the rabbit hutch after the rabbit has gone.
  3. This worked for anyone, flashed the stock rom, didn't sign in, tried 4 different kingroot versions & mobilego root option, phone rebooted but root failed. Drivers installed e.t.c. Would like to know if folks with write protection managed to get root as I must be doing something wrong. Bought the device last Friday so I am guessing its write protected.
  4. Long time since I have visited this site but picking this phone up on Friday. One thing I remeber, chainfire updated supersu one time, the update broke chrome, the fix was to turn off data saver in the chrome settings before installing su, might be something similar thats breaking chrome for some people. Just thought it was worth mentioning .
  5. That's a shame as I like to pop in and see what bargains are about , and people's reviews and thoughts. Maybe as its Paul's forum he might like to plug his own phones may it helps with the cost ? Who knows. Anyway you could always start a new one.
  6. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.drivevox.drivevox This app is supposed to do what you ask but I haven't tried it personally. I think looking at this or similar apps in the driving safely category should pop something decent up.
  7. No need to wipe just flash gapps again also try freeing up some system space by getting rid of unwanted wallpapers e.t.c from the system or increase its size with a tpt image if you want a larger system space to install apks.
  8. Just thought you might be interested in Nova launcher ( beta)download and enabled in settings Nova settings. Brings the transparent navigation and status bar back. Pic is on a nexus but should work with you're phone running kk.
  9. There's soooo many roms that anyone would be hard pressed to choose. As you know its not like modaco on XDA you have to flash and try for yourself. Best thing is to decide what you would like from a rom read the opening post and try a few roms with the options you like. Most official roms from the likes of cyanogen mod, miui, paranoid android e.t.c are there also very good independent roms . I don't think anyone could give better info then this . Some of my favorites are PSX (NO LONGER BEING PUBLISHED) have the rom if you want to try it. Also cataclysm (my personal favorite) but they are my choices and your own personal requirements might be different. You could always try and make a stock/ custom rom to you're liking with xposed framework app + modules. The choice is yours so try a few . Just remember you're nandroid backup and all is good.
  10. ART is android run time. Normally when opening apps e.t.c information is written in the dalvic cache , which uses more processing power and time. As a result things don't run as smooth as they could. ART is now released on 4.4 as an early development option and does away with that . If you Google it you will get more info. If you run into problems using ART as some have you can flash the moto dalvic patch instead which optimizes dalvic to run just as fast , but I personally think ART has the edge. Sounds complicated but its no different from flashing a patch through recovery ( for motor patch only) . ART is found in the developer options on your phone, switch to it and your phone reboots and takes a while as it optimizes your apps. After you choose one of the above your phone should be as smooth as an iPhone or windows phone. Just Google and you will get it as there is loads of info on the subject who can explain it better then me. Hope this helps. J:D
  11. Also a nexus 4 user and to be truthful I wasn't overly impressed with stock 4.4 cannot stand hangouts and miss the network indicators on the signal strength bar. Installed cataclysm custom rom and my mind changed , super smooth running ART and hellscore kernel, battery good and my indicators are back. Also changed hangouts for 8mms apk l, like stock messaging app! Wouldn't go back now. Fastest phone ever.Try a custom .
  12. Still follow what goes on hear on modaco and would like to wish kyan a happy birthday too. P.S also having some strange face come up on Gmail regarding subscribed topics. Is this new now, or does it need to be reported. The same face pops up regardless of the post .See in pick below. Happy birthday again kyan and sorry for the off topic.
  13. FACTORY IMAGE " don't flash in cwm".
  14. The proper fitting screen protectors are now on eBay hopefully the cases won't be long.
  15. I don't personally think the phone needs a over clocking kernel. Undevolting and core stability maybe. Similar to what's happening with the nexus 4. There's nothing this phone hasn't run smoothly without the need of reduction in battery life. Will flash it still out of curiosity, and to throw in a good antutu score though and to see if it works. I also think it might be a good idea to all owners of the blade v to though a few quid Konstas way so he can get a blade v. Probably the best dev on modaco and certainly a Dev we need onboard to help get this phone more popular as I personally think its a bargain and has the potential of being the next big thing like the original blade.
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