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  1. Sorry guys i probably found another bug. I've flashed this rom on liquid next 1.9.2 on an Acer Liquid E, All wipes done, everything like it will be done But after one day use and nothing flashed upon the rom i've noticed that at the bottom of the screen, about at one millimeter from the border, (also a little on the sides) the touch is unresponsive, it greatly affecting the typing, the lower keys of the keyboard are almost un-pushable, i don't know if there is some kind of solution or if you already know this bug, in any case, any solution would be appreciated, thanks anyway for the great job, the rom is great and run almost perfectly... P.S. excuse me for my bad english if i made some mistakes.
  2. Dario93 on cm9 port? oh my friends i think that we will have ICS on our beloved liquids very soon! i hope the best wishes for this project, can't wait! Froyometal was fantastic for me, i think that this ics porting will have the same epicness! Go on guys you're our hope and have all our support! Edit: I'm not this despising the other devs I know that you are all great, but in some sense Dario93 is a symbol for us that have seen our Liquids grow up under the os profile
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