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  1. I also emailed PC world about the cover. After waiting 5 days they replied and said they had no idea when and if they would be stocking the cover! I got the feeling they did not know what I was talking about. So much for know how eh! Cheers.
  2. vegadrc

    Get £10 plus a further 10% off the new Advent Vega

    Just my luck I brought one of these a couple of weeks ago. Although I can claim back £20 on the 19th. I know the display is not as good as the nexus but for this price I can thoroughly recommend it. Its very very fast on everything. Browsing or playing games etc. The stylus operation and apps are brilliant and the fact it has a SD card slot make up for any display differences. Sound is also good with front facing speakers as are the camera's front and back. As I say a very good buy for the price. All we need now is root and cwm and it will really be a bargain.!
  3. roy8846 and Costy88031 At the risk of getting kicked again I would just like to say that the 9500 I have is very good even if it is a "clone". Simalar to the one you asked about roy8846 except for the screen size. The camera is exellent as is the video, the battery life is good for a big phone and there is no lag from the 4.2 o.s. I have had no trouble with the gps so far but I know some phones using the MTK6589 chips do have. I can only speak as I find and would recomend it to all. Cheers.
  4. What I said was he gave me some advice not that he condoned what I had bought. I just wanted to pass on my experience to other readers of this board not to get your opinion. Seems that unless we have bought some never heard off obscure phone we are not wanted here. So Bye.
  5. Hi all, Some months ago I asked for advice on buying a phone.Following advice from tillaz I had another look around and finally brought one with better specs from another different dealer on ebay. After reading some horror stories about chinese dealers decided not to chance ordering from them. Cost a bit more but well worth it. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/S4-STAR-N9500-5-Phone-Android-4-2-1-MTK6589-1-2GHz-Quad-Core-3G-SimFree-/261209514792?pt=UK_Mobile_Phones&hash=item3cd14ce328 It was despatched on a monday and I received it on the tuesday.Cant complain about that. It is an EX-NOTE IV.or so the instructions say. http://www.exmobile.com.my/productDetail.htm?categoryid=1&productid=274 It turns out to be the same phone as these Alps N9500,Tengda, HDC, Galaxy, Star, S4 and most others based on MTK6589. I am very pleased with the phone and would recommend it to anyone. Everything works including the gps which I know some people are having trouble with. There is a growing dev community and roms are available at needroms.com There is even a 4.3 version promised.! I can also endorse what tillaz said about the app/module from ceco. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2316070 Really improves any MTK6589 no end. Regards, drc1.
  6. telonius, This is by far the best rom I have tried on the G300 and it will be a sad loss not to have your input on it. I was looking forward to see what you made of 4.3 as time went on. Hopefully you will change your mind in the future. Thanks for all your hard work you have done for us. Cheers.
  7. Cannot complain about this...............
  8. Feedback looks ok. One person thought it was the real thing.! What do you think of the phone.?
  9. I am not getting any lag so far but I did read on the Blade forum of people getting some when using CM 10. They reckoned it can be cured or helped by disabling the crt animation when the phone is turned off. Only saying what I read so don't shoot the mesenger.!
  10. Hi Guys Wondered what you thought of this phone :- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/S4-5-SmartPhone-Mobile-S9500-Android-4-2-Dual-SIM-Quad-Core-MTK6589-12MP-Cam-/300914382468?pt=UK_Mobile_Phones&hash=item460fe51684 And if you have heard or know anything about this seller :- http://stores.ebay.co.uk/TechMasterOnlineLTD?_trksid=p2047675.l2563 Cheers.
  11. As with all android devices each device behaves differently. I know this from my experiencies with the vega tablet. Some people have trouble with the screen or wi-fi or bluetooth and others have no problems with it. Must be the components used on the device builds perhaps.? Luckily I am not getting any lag faults on this rom. In fact no faults at all apart from the green screen while camera is saving. I have enabled the navigation bar and set its height to 40dp then turned off the backlight using keyboard backlight controller from the market. This stops the backlight flashing on and off everytime the screen is touched which makes it a bit snappier. Still think this is the best rom I have tried.
  12. Just downloading new version to try. Hopefully the battery stays as good as this version.
  13. All the ROMs I have tried since I got my g300 have had problems or something I did not like. This one and the 3.1 version by telonius in my opinion have at last overcome most of these problems. Thanks to telonius especially and all the other devs who have made this possible. Lets face it the g300 is not the best phone on the market or the latest and to have a rom that runs this good on it I think is brilliant. Thanks again telonius.
  14. Same here battery wise. 3% overnight instead of 10_15%. Everything else seems good apart from lag on camera. No problem. Used one from market. Splendid job.
  15. Good battery use with this rom. Average use. Even took 3 30sec videos. 17 texts and some browsing. Brilliant.

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