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  1. Josh92

    Slightly off topic: Hell yes.

    Yeah new versions are incompatible, don't think much has changed so if you find the old apk it should work, but it doesn't run well. I wouldn't bother if I were you.
  2. Ordered mine too :) Also got 1-2 weeks, can't say I trust that 100% after whats happened but still... I'll still be keeping an eye on the boards here as I'd like to keep modding the Skate for fun :)
  3. Josh92

    Slightly off topic: Hell yes.

    Oh yeah I'd imagine the Gnex would be dirt cheap by then - though I'd probably be against getting it after so long :)
  4. Josh92

    Slightly off topic: Hell yes.

    Damn! Always avoided contracts. Least you'll probably be able to get a good 4G phone by then & coverage & cost will be much better. Depending on where you live obviously.
  5. Josh92

    Slightly off topic: Hell yes.

    Yeah I'm finding it very hard to play on the Skate tbh, runs lovely on my Nex7 but don't have Internet on that so can't really play it lol. Tbh I'm getting very fed up with my Skate now - the devs have done an amazing job with it but it's hardware is just not up to scratch for me now, constantly lagging behind just too much regardless of rom etc. Going to pick up a Nexus 4 when I can, pretty expensive but what you get its peanuts, want a phone that'll last & work well during that time. Planning on keeping my Skate for tinkering purposes when I have the time though. :)
  6. Josh92

    Slightly off topic: Hell yes.

    Managed to nab myself an invite :) Will send some your guys way if I get any invites.
  7. Josh92

    Slightly off topic: Hell yes.

    Thanks man! Been looking at how to get one for a while lol Wasn't really expecting the Skate to run it very smootly to be honest. EDIT: You can fill this out to be added to a database for invites - no idea likelyhood of getting one is though. its only email address & location (optional) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?fromEmail=true&formkey=dE95aVlGd0ZrUzg1Z2FpZDBwV0daT0E6MQ
  8. Josh92

    Slightly off topic: Hell yes.

    Ooooh, if you have any invites spare going I'd love to take one of your hands.. ;)
  9. Late to the party but.. HQ YouTube is working? Lalit, amazing stuff! Will flash soon, been away from flashing scene for Skate for a while, hoping to jump onto a Nexus 4 when I can :)
  10. I think I need to give H3 Blues a whirl, not flashed that yet! I've recently gone from JB to Mokee, I think a mix of those would be my perfect rom, hard to call between them but possibly Mokee. Also, you don't seem to have CFX2, Jelly Bean.
  11. Yeah you have to flash it seperately with this rom, Pledgedroid posted a link a while back.
  12. I've briefly tried sharing to the Nex7 too, doesn't seem to find it on default yet every other device I've tried does fine. Haven't got around to looking into why just yet.
  13. Yay :D Okay guess that's the best thing to do. Will do when I get a chance.
  14. Yeah I changed back to a standard ring tone which doesn't work either.

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