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  1. Sorry for troubling you, while i want to know that how can i be able to lock the screen by other keys instead of the power-off key, clearly it'd be more comfortable. And is there anr place to set its Compression cache? At the same time,can you add swap into your #257v2 so that it may be really perfect! Yet many roms in http://raceroms.co.uk/index.php/23-gingerbread-romshas been destroied so that i can't open it.(such as #248 With Swap #224 ICS Mod v5 ...) Big Thx !!!
  2. Yet my question is that i dont allow us to lock the screen by pressing the hang-up key or unlock the screen by this way.
  3. A extra question here. How can i change my profile name "hc-900912" Thx a lot
  4. Big thx for your wonderful work! While i have a problem that if this rom and #257v2 can work with swap.
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