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  1. Did anyone try this on the V880? Does it work well? Still stuck on GB as ICS was a pain on this phone :(
  2. Connect your phone in bootloader mode, the PC will automatically install the drivers from internet.
  3. Search and follow the guide to install CWM via fastboot
  4. Got warranty? If it doesn't turn on at all it might be hard bricked.
  5. Yes you can revert back using the undo.zip I'll make it tomorrow
  6. Yep. Did a clean inatall. Wipe data/factory reset - format system- format data- format cache- flash ROM- wipe dat/factory reset- reboot
  7. Well yes my blade ha$ 256mb Ram. But MIUIblader works fine for me, it is based on coldfusion
  8. Hi. This Rom won't go past the bootscreen on my V880. Flashed exactly as stated. Though MIUIblader booted successfully, this just wont go past the bootscreen. Any help is appreciated
  9. You can put apps like calendar and phone from CM7 into this Rom
  10. We use USSD codes for checking balance and stuff, eg. Dialing *123# gives us the info about balance. But on LewaRom the dialer skips the '#' and dials out *123
  11. I did some modifications to this Rom. Added cm7 theme chooser, calendar, phone and contacts etc. Now this rom works like a treat :)
  12. I've updated the hosts file using adfree. Do you know exactly what do I need to type there?

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