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  1. Diljeet

    Bricked liquid?

    Boot the phone in bootloader or recovery then try flashing custom recovery and then flash any custom rom. I hope this will work.
  2. Diljeet

    [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    Try using this http://www.mediafire.com/download/a5b4m09ce1a575g/CameraGalleryJB.zip You can try this if camera is not working.
  3. Yes it is working. But its not a rom yet, its only a request to port. If you follow the posts this rom boots and everything works great. Some work is left which may be finished by experienced developers( i am just another user )
  4. I managed to boot and use the rom i followed these instructions I used ZTE Blade Rom file for JoyOS Contents http://www.techniful...evicenoobs.html STEPS TO PORT : Open both ROMs using winRAR in two windows..No Need To Extract Go to '/system' and delete '/system/app', '/system/framework' and '/system/media' folder from Base ROM (CM7) Copy '/system/app' , '/system/framework' and '/system/media' folder from LewaOS to Base ROM. Copying can be done by simply drag and drop between the winRAR windows Go To '/system/bin' of Base ROM --Copy all files present in '/system/bin' to LewaROM. --Now from LewaROM copy all files from '/system/bin' folder to '/system/bin' of Base ROM --This replaces all existing files of same name and adds missing files Go To '/system/etc' of Base ROM --Copy all files (except the folders) from '/system/etc' of BaseROM to '/system/etc' of LewaROM --Now from LewaROM copy all files from '/system/etc' folder to '/system/etc' of Base ROM --This also replaces all existing files of same name and adds missing files Go To '/system/etc/init.d' of Base ROM --Copy all files '/system/etc/init.d' of LewaROM to '/system/etc/init.s' of BaseROM Go To '/system/etc/permissions' of Base ROM --Copy all files from '/system/etc/permissions' of BaseROM to '/system/etc/permissions' of LewaROM --Now from LewaROM copy all files from '/system/etc/permissions' folder to '/system/etc/permissions' of Base ROM Go To '/system/lib' of Base ROM --Copy all '*.so' from '/system/lib' of BaseROM to '/system/lib' of LewaROM --Now from LewaROM copy all files from '/system/lib' folder to '/system/lib' of Base ROM Go To /system/xbin of Base ROM --Copy all files present in '/system/xbin' folder to '/system/xbin' of LewaROM. --Now from LewaROM copy all files from '/system/xbin' folder to '/system/xbin' of Base ROM Open 'build.prop' from both ROM using Notepad++ Add these lines below 'ro.cm.device=YOUR_DEVICE_NAME' ro.lewa.version=YOUR_ROM_NAME ro.lewa.device=YOUR_DEVICE_NAME Add these lines in # ADDITIONAL_BUILD_PROPERTIES below 'ro.com.android.dataroaming=' ro.compcache.default=0 ro.lewa.swapper.part_path=/dev/block/mmcblk1p3 ro.lewa.swapper.flash_swappiness=99 ro.lewa.swapper.sd_swappiness=60 ro.error.receiver.system.apps=com.lewa.fc ro.error.receiver.default=com.lewa.fc persist.sys.notif-speaker=1 persist.sys.ring-speaker=1 persist.sys.alarm-speaker=1 Remove the following lines ro.config.ringtone=Playa.ogg ro.config.notification_sound=regulus.ogg ro.config.alarm_alert=Alarm_Beep_03.ogg persist.sys.themeId=Cyanbread persist.sys.themePackageName=com.tmobile.theme.Cyanbread I followed all step on this post - extra i pasted the fonts folder content too - and in the last step when editing build.prop, i didn't add any lines because it is LewaOS guide and the ported os is JoyOS - i only deleted the lines from build prop - after booting android.process.acore was crashing so i replace the JOYContacts.apk and JOYContactsProvider.apk from the original cm7.2 Contacts.apk and ContactsProvider.apk - change the language from Chinese to English - everthing else worked fine. - ThemeManager also worked Hope some developer is intrested in this rom, it can be ported easily now half the work is done, it boots and the ui show up.
  5. If any of the users or developers knows Qguest, please notify him he ported 3 OS roms based on cm7.2(LewaOS, MokeeOS, TouchWiz), hope he will help in making this port. If any other developer is porting then also its awesome, Thanks.
  6. HELLO I MAMAGED TO BOOT THE DEVICE AFTER REPLACIG FILES I will update the progress in my messages -- Requesting a JoyOS Port for Acer Liquid based on cm7.2 Hello i just found a rom named JoyOS based on cm7.2 and it looked beautoful to me, its like iOS or iPhone or MIUI rom. Rom Link: ZTE Blade http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1602516 Nexus S http://forum.xda-developers.com/nexus-s/development/rom-joyos-1-1-9-stable-t2195959 Motorola Atrix 4G http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1664569 Galaxy Y http://techween.blogspot.in/2013/08/joyos-custom-rom-based-cm72-for-galaxy-y.html T-Mobile http://www.modaco.com/topic/356172-joyos-122-port-cm-72-based-23-rom-architecture/ for any other device search Google : JoyOS cm7.2 Please Guys(developers) consider this request for porting the rom on our cm7.2 base. I know Qguest was able to port LewaOs, TouchWiz and MokeeOs from cm7.2 and he did it real fast, so it wont be very hard. Please find time for considering this one last request. ScreenShots:
  7. Diljeet

    [CM7.2] TouchWiz-ROM v1.2

    Try this link http://www.fayloobmennik.net/4068554 I am not sure if this is the original file, i found the link on google, just try flashing it once.
  8. Diljeet

    [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    I guess the MegaShares link is working, if not try other links using proxy in firefox or other browsers. Good Day
  9. Diljeet

    [CM7.2] MokeeOS - v1.0

    Here is the link MokeeOS Rom http://www.mediafire.com/download/ielh8d8ft4297hz/MokeeOS-by-QGuest-v1.0-reuploaded.zip Note: I am not the rom developer, i am only uploading it to share because other links are dead
  10. Diljeet

    [CM7.2] MokeeOS - v1.0

    I will reupload it for you i have the rom Wait for links i am uploading.
  11. Diljeet

    Kitkat Boot Animation

    Kitkat Boot Animation Compressed ( only 244 KB ) Hello everyone after looking at new acer's boot animation in previous forum, i was looking for the new Kitkat boot animation on our device. I downloaded the stock Kitkat Boot Animation but it lagged on Acer Liquid. So i decided to compress it and its working perfectly on my Acer A1. Just sharing the new compressed Kitkat Boot Animation( its only 244 KB ) Enjoy Installation: copy the bootanimation.zip file to "system/media/bootanimation.zip" replace the existing file and fix permissions to rw-r--r-- bootanimation.zip
  12. Diljeet

    [CM7.2] MokeeOS - v1.0

    Please update this rom Link2Sd is not working Will be waiting
  13. Diljeet

    KitKat for liquid?

    Great News will be waiting for Kitkat
  14. Diljeet

    rom needed foor acer liquid A1 spanish

    Hello which version of MIUI are you using, i am also thinking of going back to MIUI because it is the most beautiful rom, which one is best according to you and please tell me is swap partition working with any MIUI, i mean the new partition layout is supported or not? I haven't installed MIUI after the new partition layout.
  15. Diljeet

    rom needed foor acer liquid A1 spanish

    Hello i have a lot of roms, but not the very old ones. I have LiquidNext 1.9.2 Full working best rom MIUI 2.3.7c full working MIUI v2 Final etc CM 7.2 my current rom(uses new partition layout with swap+ext4 in sdcard) other roms based on cm7.2 CM9, CM10 are a bit laggy they also need new partition layout I guess LiquidNext will be best, it should possibly have spanish language. I am using cm7.2 it is also having spanish language. i recommend above two. Note: please read the forum of the roms before installing and follow the instructions provided carefullly.

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