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  1. Mine has just gone the same it is stuck on the HUAWEI Logo screen, Mine still has the original vodaphone rom and I had not been fiddling with, Any help please.
  2. Been in CPW today waiting for stock he said £466 to buy or £744 over two years dont know about colour.
  3. Its OK it is the same on mine and I dont have Debuging ticked, Its the internal 2.5gig storage that you see, When the phone is Connected to a computer it should come up with a drive letter, My internal storage is drive N and my SD card is drive M.
  4. You can also update it via wifi internet thats the way I updated my G300 It took about 10 mins to complete, Volume working fine now.
  5. I did a firmware update took about 10 mins over my wifi It came up as Asura vodafone 14.22mb, The sound problem is now fixed and working as it should have been, Still using the original vodafone rom The phone is unlocked and rooted with most of the vodafone apps removed. I am having to turn the sound down now.
  6. Tried that still low sound, Wil hopefully wait for a software fix. Thanks
  7. I have tried that Spirt FM and put in value0.01 it is still very low volume, The only one to work for me is from ihe video Patrick73 posted . Thanks
  8. Thanks for that will give it a try. Just tried DX alarm clock And it is the same as the stock Alarm very very low sound.
  9. Set the Alarm for this morning and did not hear a thing, Absolutely hopeless the sound level how on earth could someone programme a phones software with a sound level so low, I have sent a mail to Huawei & Vodafone to complain again
  10. This is what I sent them on thursday They said that they would Reply, Still waiting Hi Just purchased a HUAWEI Asend G 300 I Find this is a excellent phone and very good value. But there is a problem that is software related, The external output of the speaker is to low when listening to video&music,You need to get this fixed with a upgrade as this could be detrimental to your sales of this phone, IE There is a lot of talk on the forums about this low sound problem. I know that there is a temporary workaround, You need to do your bit.
  11. I Registered on there web site yesterday and filled a form in to complain about the speaker problems, It says I could have to wait up to 48 hours for a reply.
  12. Just got iPhone 4 Soft Silicone Case From the £1 shop it fits Will do until there is a better one on the market.
  13. Thanks Patrick73 for that vid, The Temp Workaround is working Great Cant belive how good the speaker Quality is while playing Music with external mic.
  14. Got one today paid £100 for phone £10 for voucher for the vodaphone sim that is included £20 for unlock for any network £130 for a nice unlocked phone, Working fine Playing now.
  15. The Nokia Lumia 710 is a Windows Phone
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