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  1. Suruceanu.Nick

    Did someone Used NVflash?

    I flashed CMW recovery and had an error; when i rebooted phone dosent boot, when i conect to PC with volume down preset, in device manager it is an APX device (nVidia Flash tool); How can i unbrick it, restore boot?
  2. So, did someone used? if yes, how?
  3. just flashed its working, there are improovments.
  4. No, Grand X IN is based on x86 Intel Atom Procesor, this rom is for Arm based nVidia Tegra 2. Two different arhitectures. Don't even think to flash Recovery or Rom from this forum, you will brick your device!
  5. nope, because it is on ventana , our grand x are on whistler. both tegra 2 but diferent.
  6. Suruceanu.Nick

    Only 384mb of ram to work with?

    Magic! :D :D , you're welcome.
  7. Suruceanu.Nick

    Only 384mb of ram to work with?

    kernel won't but Swapper2 use it, swapper does all that swapping job. performance are noticeable.
  8. Suruceanu.Nick

    Only 384mb of ram to work with?

    Or use Swapper2, creating a swap file. 1. Download it from here. 2. Open Swapper2 go to Settings. 3. Swap place put "/sdcard2/swapfile.swp" instead of "/sdcard/swapfile.swp". (it uses the internal storage because it have faster speeds) 4. Swap size="what size you want" ; Swappiness=60; 5. Select Advanced pref. and check Recreate swap file; and Reformat Swap; 6. Go back to app press 'On'. 7. Thats it! To see if its working open Terminal and type "free", swap should NOT be "0", if its not zero swap is working.
  9. Suruceanu.Nick

    Only 384mb of ram to work with?

    It can be fixed with Swap, but a custom kernel with swap suport is needed.
  10. Just flashed seems to have some touch improvments, did someone mentioned?
  11. the LG Optimus 2X ICS source code was realeased maybe you can port it to GrandX , its the same chipset.
  12. Try to make a deodexed rom based on Cyanogenmod 9, what would be nice to have stok ICS with CM tweaks. :) Or to contact a CM Developer to help Grand X users taste CM9 or even CM10 goodies. Of corse donation is from our side. :)

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