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  1. Hi, has anyone successfully unlocked the Samsung Galaxy S+ (I9001) model? I can only find unlocks for other Galaxy models.
  2. curii

    Samsung Galaxy s Plus i9001

    I've rooted my cousin's Galaxy S+. You guys still need this? There's info about it on a Portuguese Android Forum, can translate it for you if you need.
  3. Hello, I know this is probably a dumb question but I can't find a way to remove the number of panels on Home Screen, I got 5 but I don't need them all and I'd like to remove some of them, how is this possible? Thank you.
  4. hello, thank you very much for this, worked like a charm! Just followed the OP's instructions ;)
  5. Hi, First of all, great great job with this ROM! Now, is it possible to Unlock SIM Card after installing this ROM?
  6. Hi, quick question: do I need to have Android version 2.3.7 to install this? Or if I install this it updates my android version? (current one is 2.3.5) EDITED: yes, did it with no problem.
  7. Hello guys,I've installed CWM and a custom ROM (atomic rom) in late December 2011.The problem is that now I can't flash back to the stock rom to perform the SIM Unlock since I change my phone network provider. I've downloaded the ZTE_ORIGINAL_SOFTWARE and the OPTIMUS_MONTE_CARLO_STOCK_ROM_XDA but they both give me the same error when I try to install it from the option "install zip from sdcard" in my CWM. [error: Instalation aborted]. I also tried following the OP steps, but unfortunately I'm stuck in #2 'cause the link is dead (?), I think. Any kind of help would be very much apreciated, ty in advance. UPDATE: solved. It was a drivers problem (even tho I had already instaled zte and google drivers) I was able to flash the STOCK RECOVERY after reading the instruction in this topic http://www.modaco.co...20#entry1816381 , post #31 by tillaz.
  8. Hello great work on this rom, it's fantastic! Was using 2.5 version, when I switched to 3.0c, I got a freaking anoying pop-up about the keyboard (android.inputmethod.latin has stopped unexpectedly). I did a full wipe before switching to 3.0c so can't figure out what's wrong :x
  9. Hi, when I was doing this for root access, my rebooted and now it doesn't get past the android letters after the green logo, any help?

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