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  1. charging to 75% then stopping unless you unplug and start again Poor battery life Nexus 7
  2. Am I mistaken or can you not just get 3g on you phone and turn on wifi hotspot so the tablet can utilise it ? BTW There is NO 3g in my area for like 30 miles in any direction DOOOOH looks good value though I must admit
  3. +1 btw its on every rom i tried :( I now use FLT launcher its very quick and smooth
  4. installed this morning , have tried many times b4 and must admit this is now looking very good :rolleyes: Thanks tilal for all your hard work In fact thank you to all the devs on here P.S soft keys would be nice ............................hehehehe never satisfied but thats the nature of ever changing roms P.P.S whats the best launcher and browser for ics anyone ?
  5. D/L not working :blink: left on last night and again this morning . Thanks for your efforts though in advance now trying from phone instead of pc :rolleyes: Nope Both seem to stop at 10 % ish will have to wait till tonight after work :rolleyes:
  6. for me atm ice armour 3 is the best and MIUI Mix &Match a close second . once you start new roms its hard to stop !!
  7. can this rom have status bar at the bottom and cm7 themes ? please
  8. agree most 3d launchers are laggy but running tsf on miui atm and its silky smooth plus very low on battery usage :)
  9. I never rooted or unlocked any phones b4 my skate I found the instructions in wackyd's thread and on this forum most helpfull and successfull and everyone so far very freindly . p.s wish I hadnt done it though cos toooooo many roms to try .........dooooooh :D
  10. i had similar forced close but only on some themes others were no problem at all :) changed back to ice armourr though cos of soft buttons liked the rom in general though except it always looks iponey nice that we can try different roms though thanks to all the dev's
  11. still waiting :unsure: ?????? has it booted?
  12. seems to me new battery is well worth getting anyways http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Battery-ZTE-Skate-G1315-v960-Orange-Monte-Carlo-akku-BASE-Lutea-2-batterie-/120764926902?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item1c1e268bb6
  13. now going to work wil try later :) anyone confirm if soft buttons and tablet settings are still available from ice armour keep up the good work :lol: and Thank you
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