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  1. There is nothing as such you can try beat audio mod though,see if u find any difference
  2. New to s2e so i basically dont know how to optimize it.hence I have shifted all stuffs to my sd-ext. phone is responding quite slowly now. Under s2e Application paid apps private apps Application data delvik cache. which one to uncheck and which to check for smooth performance.
  3. I dont think partition is the issue here. am on stock partition (220mb system 162mb data and 37mb cache) I have installed the Google minimum apps.
  4. I have not partitioned my phone its on stock partition. And i have done a complete wipe of everything.I will just put it down what exactly i did boot to clockworkmod Under mount and storage: Format /system Format /cache Format /data Format /boot Format /sd-ext Under advanced: Dalvik cache battery stats Under main menu wipe data & factory reset wipe cache Click on Install zip from SDCard I had noticed that few people in zte blade 3 also facing wifi issue.
  5. Its working fine with Swedish Snow RLS7.I just now tried on CyanogenMod 10 (Continuation of KonstaT's work) it did not work.the same thing happened like before. authenticating followed by obtaining ip address and then again it goes back to authenticating..and again obtaining ip address and it goes on :( Am using 150Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter TL-WN721N here is the link to the product. http://www.tp-link.in/products/details/?categoryid=243&model=TL-WN721N#spec On the earlier builds of CM10 it was working fine.it works fine with CM9 too and stock rom also
  6. unable to connect to wifi using this rom. under wifi its keeps on repeating authenticating followed by obtaining ip address and then again it goes back to authenticating.. it does not connent to wifi.
  7. Thanks a lot james.It worked very well. I am using S2e for the 1st time so i did not know how to configure it correctly. So therefore I have selected all the tabs and moved everything to sd-ext. Is this ok ??
  8. Somebody please help! I just upgraded to this rom from Swedish Snow RLS7. sd-ext was working fine in Swedish Snow RLS7 cut after installing this rom under partition info i kept on getting ext partition unavailable :( I formatted my whole sd card(using magic partition creator) and again created a new partition using CWM 5.0.2 Installed s2e from playstore. But still i kept on getting ext partition unavailable :( under partition info. How can i mount my sd-ext ???
  9. I had flashed CM10.1 ROM 5 days before on my blade.Every thing was going smooth and good,until just now i noticed that my phone just hanged.I removed the battery and inserted it again and switched on my phone.I could not see any display Just my phone generated huge amount of heat over the LCD:/ It was very very hot.My finger hurt when i tried to touch the LCD. Can anyone provide me a solution to this. Thanks.
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