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  1. For all you, I recommend using Swift Key X, it really helps typing with this phone a lot, the predictions are excellent, even when you do horrible typos thanks to the touch screen. And the battery issue, I guess it was mischarging? Today the phone battery lasted normally.
  2. Well, today I confirmed that the touch screen has issues when is used with the tip of your finger. When I use my finger nail or the stylus, it works completely okay. EDIT: Now I have to ask a couple of questions about the phone since this problem is somewhat resolved and I don't want to open a new thread. 1. Some times, I have problems with the signal. The phone suddenly stops receiving signal out of nowhere, and it can last like that for a good time. Or when I use the subway or when I am in a place that doesn't have reception for too long, the phone just stays there, and I have to toggle air plane mode so I can receive signal again. 2. I was using CPU Master for a time, it helped with the battery life, but now my battery started to run short again, I used to go to college listening to music and checking the phone on my arrival and it was 95% battery, now I do that and the battery is at 85%. I've been using the same ROM and app (btw, the CPU Master is set to Min: 245.76 MHz, Max: 729.6 MHz and Scaling: smartassV2) I was reading about battery calibration (with his own app) and was thinking about doing it. Do you recommend it? I've heard of it not working, or even messing up the batteries. (As far as I know, battery calibration is recommended when flashing a different rom, so, should I do it?)
  3. New Issues GO TO: http://android.modaco.com/topic/351228-touch-screen-issues/page__p__1892535#entry1892535 First of all, I'm using the Racerboy-Vamshi CyanogenMod Based LeWa gingerbread rom. The problem is my touch screen, a lot of times when I touch the screen, the phone recognizes it as a double touch, and some few times when the touch is recognized a couple of cm away, like I'm trying to touch the space bar on the keyboard, and it recognizes it like I pressed the D key. I was having this problem when I was using 2.2 froyo too, so I think its a phone issue. How can I fix this?
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