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  1. is it possibile to re-upload this rom? i need vegacomb too. tnx everybody. db
  2. hi all, now i'm on micro7 rom in my 256 mb ram zte blade. do you think could i install this rom or is better than i remain in micro7??? tnx db
  3. d_borghi

    cm7 launcher lag

    i'm using launcherpro and is very smooth
  4. it's recommanded for my chinese zte blade with only 256 mb ram?
  5. truly, chinese zte blade has on 256 mb ram, i think.
  6. micro7 is the best for my zte 256mb ram (chinese)
  7. anybody tried this rom on a zte blade 256 mb of ram (Chinese)?
  8. sorry my stupid question: but this script working well on a zte blade (256 mb ram) and micro7 rom? tnx db
  9. hi all, is there t9 function on the phone keyboard to search contact not only by contact tab, but by numeric keypad immediatly? tnx db
  10. Hi all, i would try this new release. but i don't know why, after i installed rom+gapps+launcherpro, when i install ink2sd it doesn't recognize my ext3 partition. on micro7 and other roms i haven't this kind of problem. help me, please tnx db
  11. CM7 all my life for my little zte blade 256mb (chinese)
  12. it's slow. i just tried it. micro7 remains the best rom for my 256mb v880. bye db
  13. i think it depends from your max cpu frequency. set it to 604. bye db
  14. i solved by "playlist organizer" from the store. bye db

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