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  1. e45cream

    Compass not working at all

    I get results, but my compass isn't working. It usually points SW, but does move about a bit as I turn the phone.
  2. e45cream

    Compass not working at all

    Perhaps a safer approach would be to backup the working one, then install a newer rom on it and check the compass.
  3. e45cream

    Compass not working at all

    Have you tried making a nandroid backup of the working one and restoring it on the other and vice versa? At least that way we might be able to see if it's software or hardware related.
  4. Had 3 reboots this morning on the way to work. Not sure if it's something I installed. Has anyone else had this? Each time, I need to take the battery out to turn on again.
  5. Installed again last night. At first, non-GPS location wasn't working, but once I had reinstalled all my apps and used it for a while I found that now it does work with any browser. The camera app is different from the previous version, seems to have very few features and crashes all the time.
  6. I tried it out last night, but only made a very short call, so can't comment on the dropped calls. Gps worked quickly after using Faster gps, but I noticed that the non-GPS location features didn't work with any browser, but DID work with the (new) maps app. Also, the problems I had been having in all other roms with the long press on menu for recent apps seemed to be fixed in this rom. Worked every time. On other roms I have to press on the bottom half of the key, and even then it only works half the time.
  7. e45cream


    I got a free screen protector too.
  8. e45cream

    [ROM] Vowney v5 Custom ROM - updated 04/07/2013

    Tillaz, the rom is working perfectly. Cheers. Any chance you could add an option to assign the long press for recent apps to the home button instead of the menu button?
  9. e45cream

    GPS Lock Issue. Try This.

    I did a tools / a-gps /reset and I have the a-gps updating every 6 hours. Have you synced the phone time with the gps time?
  10. e45cream

    GPS Lock Issue. Try This.

    Well, I've been using the program I mention in post #12 for 24 hours now, and my gps is still working great. I have even uninstalled Mobileuncle to make sure that wasn't doing anything, and after a reboot, Google maps takes about 40 seconds for the first fix, but subsequent fixes have been 2-15 seconds. You can even turn off the status bar icon of GPS Status & Toolbox, so it's working totally in the background.
  11. e45cream

    GPS Lock Issue. Try This.

    Yesterday I read a post somewhere that recommended "Gps Status & Toolbox (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eclipsim.gpsstatus2). It runs in the background and only appears when gps is being actively used. Since I've installed it, the gps is working great. Even if I reboot then open Google maps, I get a fix quickly . I think that the Gps Status & Toolbox program might be giving that automatic kick start we need. When it opens, it adds an icon in the status bar and info in the pulldown notification list. Apart from that, I noticed that my network supplied time was out of sync with the gps time by a few seconds, so in the phone time settings I set it up to use gps time rather than network time. Reception seemed to be a lot stronger after that, but it may be placebo. So I don't know if either or both of these have really helped, but my GPS is now working well since last night. Can someone else give it a go?
  12. e45cream

    [ROM] Vowney v5 Custom ROM - updated 04/07/2013

    Works for me. Tried the boot animation and soft keys tweaks, and both worked (although the on and off options in the soft keys do the opposite, and the onscreen soft keys are in reverse order from the hard keys )
  13. e45cream

    [ROM] Vowney v5 Custom ROM - updated 04/07/2013

    Thanks for the update. Everything working well, even gps seems great so far, but as others have found with this phone, gps success is usually short term, so will see how it is tomorrow. Any chance you could move the long press for recent apps onto the home button instead of the menu button? (or make it optional). This would allow us to use the Nova option of a long press on the menu button for search or whatever. I have noticed that sometimes the recent apps appear for a second, then disappear, leaving me with a black screen. I have had this since I got the phone. I think it mostly happens if the long press is held for too long.
  14. e45cream

    Vowney / Verne V5

    They all work for me using Tillaz's rom.

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