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  1. Hello, I received my Nexus 7 today and I'm starting this thread to enquire if I have burned my bridges with regard to losing DRM keys. I followed the guide, and activated the "fastbook oem unlock", then selected yes at the next screen (it wiped my device). I then installed clockwordmod recovery using the guide in this link "http://www.modaco.co...ry-for-nexus-7/". I have not yet installed any custom roms or even the root zipfile. Here are my questions: Have I deleted something that is unrecoverable, such as DRM keys? If I have, what is the impact of this, and was there (in retrospect) any way of backing up these files? If I boot to ClockworkMod Recovery, without doing anything, then clicking "Restart System", the following screen appears: "ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix? THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE. At this point, I selected the "Go Back" option, but that rebooted the system anyway. Have I damaged something here?
  2. Please excuse my ignorance here, but once I come from the world of ZTE Blade (where I copy a zipfile to SD Card then "install from sdcard"). How do I copy the zipfile to the Nexus 7, and what options do I use to flash the zip? Am I correct in assuming that the Nexus 7 does not have an internal SD Card mounted? I ask because when I choose the option "choose zip from sd card" I am met with a message of "E:Can't mount /sdcard/". I unlocked my bootloader, and installed the Clockwork mod. I'm just lost as to how to proceed.
  3. I'm usually a lurker on this thread, but I really just wanted to thank you (Tilal) for your hard work and dedication on this ROM. I really could not imagine that it is possible for Android to run this smoothly on the Blade. I'm finding myself just flinging the apps tray around just to feel the smoothness over and over again. Thanks again (and thanks to Qualcomm too -- if there are any staff reading this thread).
  4. Hi, I have just bought a second hand Galaxy S, which, unfortunately, is locked to Orange (I'm on a 3 contract) and currently has Android 2.2 installed. I have some very beginner questions, apologies if the answers to these questions are detailed elsewhere, I could not find simple answers to these questions: If I unlock the phone, is the unlock persisted across ROM flashes (must I re-unlock every time I flash a new ROM)? Do certain ROMs automatically re-lock?I understand that to flash a new ROM, I require ODIN, and a number of files. I'm pretty tech savvy, but I don't know what (in the Odin UI), the following acronyms mean : (PIT, PDA, PHONE, CSC, BOOTLOADER). Which one of these represents the recover partition (aka clockworkmod)?My understanding regarding bootloaders is that they are read-only, to prevent corruption. Is it possible to brick the Galaxy S? Thanks, PP.
  5. In the end I visited poundland at the suggestion of the link in this thread. It works a treat. Thanks all.
  6. Sorry for being such a n00b. I have a blade and want to buy a spare usb cable but which is the correct type? Any links would be appreciated. Thanks, P
  7. Thanks, this totally worked (also changed one or two other background PNGs at the same time). I simply turned the background solid black (notification text is white so it works well). May I ask why transparency was added originally. It makes it very difficult to read notifications when there is text underneath the transparency (at any level of transparency).
  8. Please can you give me a guide on how you did this. Mine is still transparent.
  9. I installed this on my technophobe brother's blade last night. I checked up on his experiences today. This is a direct quote: " Battery is fairly decent.Transparent dropdown is s***. Can I get skins?" FYI - I already applied the transparency patch posted earlier in the thread. I think my brother would prefer 100% opaque. Is there an easy way to patch this myself without a whole new ROM?
  10. 100% transparency (black background) certainly looks better. The blue background of the notification area was (personally speaking of course), the least professional looking part of the ROM (the boot logo being unquestionably superb). The ongoing alarm problem is a slight cause for concern. I know that there are workaround apps, but it would be nice for the stock alarm to just work out of the box. I'll try out release 3 soon and let you know if the alarm problems have gone away. I'll also try out Viber again although I suspect that it will be the same if there were no concious changes in this area.
  11. If anyone has a link to the method of replacing the predictive text dictionary, it would be much appreciated. Additionally, anyone know the rational behind removing it?
  12. This is my first post on these forums. I flashed the Fish N Chips RLS 2 ROM about a week ago and I have to say, I am extremely impressed. The running speed of the device is so quick and the animations and scrolling is so smooth compared to stock and battery life is MASSIVELY improved. To get to this point, as an Android hacking newbie, I followed a bunch of guides and updated my ZTE to GEN 2 (with 210MB system ROM - ready for ICS) and used Clockwork Mod recovery to . Anyway - I have a couple of questions for other users of the ROM regarding possible bugs and to ask if these have been discovered by other users and if they have been addressed in the third release: 1) When I set an alarm, the alarm sounds for about 1 second then cuts off. Subsequent snooze triggered alarms are not heard at all. This has caused me to miss work on two occasions. Any body else have this problem? 2) The predictive text on the out-of-the-box keyboard doesnt seem to work. I tried twiddling with the keyboard settings but nothing seems to work. I know that swype is great, but I prefer the stock Gingerbread or ICS keyboard, but the ROM default keyboard appears broken in this regard. Anyone else have advice or a workaround? 3) When I make a call in Viber, the call is put onto the loudspeaker, rather than the earpiece. The speaker button on the app does not toggle speak to earliece as its supposed to (both speakers are functional hardware wise). 4) Text messages do not make a noise when received even though in the setting menu, I can confirm that the sounds are working and the samples present. ... well, thats it. I really would like to upgrade to the third release but I've set up my phone so nicely now, I don't want to lose my configuration. Perhaps someone can advise me on how I can upgrade the ROM without losing my existing apps/widgets/layouts/config?
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