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  1. this rom is the best one so far, you, sir, are a genius! hope that you can manage to activate the autofocus so we can have snapshots similar to windows mo. but truly you have done some good job!
  2. Here are the main problems that i've found after installing it, no network signal due to sim detecting problems, problems with sensor (auto rotation not working) and even after changing language to elnglish there is even things such the network provider name written in chineese... hope u improve it :)
  3. the only thing i hope is, that the beta 3 won't be full of chinese stuff :P keep up the good work bro!
  4. Hi! looks like i've missed too much arround here and honestly i don't understand everything in this topic, so can anyone give me a ditaiiled instruction to install cm2 with 667mhz-166mhz-160mb-24bpp??! what should i do exactly, and what's Kexec a.k.a exactly?? and how to add it! thank's :)
  5. hi i was searching on google and i've found that jetdroid gingerbread (for samsung jet s800x) is working fine on our phones but it needs to be developed for i8000 users, could anyone give it a try??
  6. ipaq??! dude is it possible that you'll be the hero who'll save our phone from dying??! :P hope you make a new update for cm! cheers
  7. burning it just because u made mistakes?? that's just cruel!! try this it works for me :) 2.3 gb primary fat32 1.2 gb primary ext4 150 mb primary linux ps: please don't use bad words anymore in this thread :)
  8. Hi, I know this is a silly question, but is it possible to add SRS 5.1 sound to android like in galaxy series??
  9. HELLO, is there a fix for market issue, it doesn't detect my phone anymore I also wonder if you've made a fix for jj1 image script, it still wn't work, hope i'm not bothering
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