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  1. Hey guys, So here's what I tried. I have an international HTC One X (Tegra 3 version) and I tried the Xposed framework mod for Google Wallet. I edited the build.prop file to show as if I was using a Galaxy Nexus, rebooted and all went well, Wallet opened and I could use it just fine. The problem came when I reverted the build.prop changes and rebooted. Here I got in 2 sticky situations: 1. The first time, the phone rebooted, showed the spalsh screen and the bootanimation and got into the home screen, however, the wallpaper was all messed up and after about 10 seconds it would reboot by itself. It did this repeatedly; 2. The second time, the phone rebooted and would stay on the main HTC splash screen, but it would not go to the bootanimation and boot up Android. I am using CM10.1.2 and fortunately I made a Nandroid Backup so I was able to revert the changes. Does anyone know why these 2 errors occured? I really want to use GW but, unfortunately, it's not available in my country.
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