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  1. No. Is a "Optimus San Francisco" with 3.2Mpixel camera. Somebody can help ?
  2. My Portuguese ZTE Blade can't connect to camera on all versions from CM 7.0.2 Stable. Until then the camera works fine, probably a driver problem. You have a solution to this ?
  3. Why the gapps dont appear ? I made the full wipe, installed the ROM and after the gapps zip. But when I start the OS only appear the Play Store
  4. What wipe ? Since then I already make a hundred wipes .. In CM forum tell me after 7.0.2 they change the kernel ..
  5. Yesterday I install CM 7.0.2 and the camera works fine. After that version no one version works. I have to install that ROM to give you the info about the camera? I have to format everything again ..
  6. I forgot to wipe Dalvik ! Now everything works unless the camera ! Where I can see what camera sensor I have ? My ZTE Blade is from Portugal with a 3.2 mp camera.
  7. Another two problems found: - I can't receive calls, all of them are rejected. They appear on call history only. - The home screen button don't work. I press the button and he dont go to the home screen.
  8. Last version that my camera works is CM 7.0.2 .. after that no one work. I think is a driver problem but if you know more than me ...
  9. Yes, I follow the instructions The problem of camera is a driver problem. The other I don't know
  10. I can't lock the screen. I press the power button and when I press again the screen is unlocked ...
  11. I love this ROM ! The only problem is that I can't use my camera, say: "Can't connect to camera" Before I use the CM7 rom and don't work too, since the version CM 7.0.2 my camera don't work. Can you help me ? The problem is the camera drivers, I guess
  12. My camera only work on versions until CM Stable 7.0.2. It's possible to merge camera drivers from that version for the new version of the Rom ?
  13. Hi, I have a ZTE Blade with Japanese Jellyfish RLS9 and Android 2.2. A year go I can flash to this release easily, without problems. The mobile phone works fine but now I want to change the ROM but I can't enter on recovery manager screen, I start the phone with volume down pressed but appear a blue stripes on the screen and don't go further. I take of the battery and start ZTE normally and he works fine. I just can't enter on recovery manager. Anyone can help me ? Best Regards Bruno

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