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  1. Indeed it is :( It's good to be back, I'd quite forgotten what a great place Modaco is B) /Chris
  2. Yep, decided to give WM6 a shot after becoming rather jaded with the whole Windows Smartphone thing a while back. Have to say that I'm deeply impressed with my new Touch HD...it's relegated my SE P990i to the position of "Expensive alarm-clock" :( Yep, 3rd time lucky, it seems. /Chris
  3. Same here, it seems to do it from time-to-time, not always...
  4. Well, in the end I got fed up with trying to locate one and bought a Sony Ericsson P990i instead - not a decision I regret :-)
  5. Ayup all, I'm very interested in getting hold of an Asus P525, it's more-or-less exactly what I want from my next phone. Problem is, I can't find anywhere to buy one...any of you good people give me a hint about where I can get one online? Expansys claim that I can only place a pre-order :-o Cheers Chris : )
  6. Yep, new scandinavian ROM's here. Seems they've solved a couple of minor irritations, but no great advances as far as I can see. Worth upgrading? Not for me right now, but anyone who can be bothered is very welcome to post any improvements that might be noticed :-)
  7. Just follow the decert routine here: http://www.modaco.com/Cingular_2125_Everyt...ow-t235408.html The applock's always reinstated after installing a ROM upgrade.
  8. Yep, I've had the same problem a couple of times after installing the Mac OSX theme. Nice thing about this theme is that I managed to live without the start menu for a while due to the Shortcut bar at the bottom of the homescreen. Now I've updated to the AKU2 firmware and the problem hasn't repeated itself (touch wood). Shame that the OSX theme seems to cause some kind of problem - it's otherwise very cool indeed. Maybe it could be the RJShortcut plugin that's causing the prob? -- Chris : )
  9. Umm. AFAICS you have the Dangaard ROM - you version numbers are the same as mine, which is the official (Dangaard) update available from smartmobil.no or www.qtek.dk..... -- Chris : )
  10. Try and register at www.qtek.dk with your IMEI # - if you can, then your 8310 is distributed by Dangaard and the ROM update should work fine; if you get a message that the IMEI is invalid then it could be that TDC get their 8310s via Brightpoint - if so, you can register at www.qtek.nu and download the correct ROM from there. The update available on smartmobil.no/qtek.dk defaults to English, and includes danish, finnish, swedish, slovak, norwegian, hungarian, dutch and french. -- Chris : )
  11. I've just downloaded the 8310 ROM from the same site. My ROM has English, danish, swedish, finnish, slovak, norwegian and a couple more. I think that most ROM versions have english as a default. Another thing: I can now log-in to www.qtek.dk in order to download F/W updates etc. with my (suddenly valid ;) ) IMEI number. I suppose that Dangaard mark the IMEI as active once they know that the phone's been sold on by the retailer. So, to anyone in Denmark having trouble with an invalid IMEI #: try to register at qtek.dk a couple of times a week until they've registered your phone as active.... -- Chris : )
  12. Heh :-) Excellent stuff - worked a treat. Had a bit of a scare the first 2 times I ran the update; the PC-app crashed having restarted the phone and gone to bootloader, but 3rd time lucky :P One little thing about the update process: it seems so old-fashioned. I was updating my son's PSP on the weekend, and that update process is just excellent. It saves all volatile data to the PSP's Memory Stick before updating then sticks it all back afterwards - really cool and a massive time-saver. Never mind, glad it worked with the 8310 anyway. Now I can have hours of fun setting the phone up - again ;) Thanks once again, pawr. -- Chris : )
  13. That's just great, pawr - yer a star :-) You must have eyes like a s**thouse rat, because I couldn't find this one :-) Strange thing # 152,076: Telecare - the company which I'm told to contact for servicing according to my IMEI - seem to be owned by Dangaard; yet my IMEI still comes up as invalid on Dangaard's site. Weird ;) I'll post here with the result of the update after I've got around to it... -- Zom : )
  14. Hmm, this sounds a little more encouraging :-) I've got operator # 1.5.311.2 Anybody know if the update pawr links to will work? And are the updates for certain languages like the old SPV? It's not like I'm desperate to update - phone's working fine, more or less - but the simple fact I've ended up with a phone that can't be updated is getting on my nerves and set a challenge :-) Cheers
  15. Yep, done. Now the only problem is getting a UK/NORDIC ROM with Danish; the links here only seem to point to ROMs that have swedish and/or Norwegian AFAICS. Hmm
  16. Hmm. My Qtek 8310's IMEI # is invalid for all the above mentioned d/l sites as it wasn't distributed by any of these firms - it was bought last week in Zitech Computer, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Weird. Anyone have any ideas about this? I'm buggered if I'm taking it to a service centre for updating :-/
  17. Fantastic post for the app unlocking dude ;) I was on the brink of kicking the crap out of my brand-new Qtek 8310 - it should have been unbranded and unlimited in all respects....
  18. ...and it's excellent ;) A small problem, tho' - The IMEI won't register as valid on any qtek site so I can't get on to the MyQtek thingy :-/ Apparently, my particular phone wasn't distributed by Brightpoint.... I mean, what kind of crap is that? Anyone know anything more about why this should be the case? According to qtekcorp.com, I have to take the bugger in to a service centre should I want a f/w update, for example. Somewhat ridiculous that Qtek differentiate between 'phones from different suppliers; they still made the thing... -- Chris : )
  19. Hey all - well, having seen my girlfriend's C500 and how reliable it is, I've decided that my new phone's going to be a Windows Mobile device (after a 2-year flirtation with Symbian/an SE P900) The choice seems to be between a Qtek 8300/8310 - even though some of the PDA phones are very cool, I have a habit of breaking them rendering the touchscreen utterly useless :-) Just posting here to hear you opinions on the above phones - WLAN is *very* important - but any other suggestions will be well-received :-)
  20. Same here - it'll play the first couple of seconds OK, then the (very bad) stuttering starts. Irritating, as it's a brill piece of software otherwise.
  21. Det er du os' nødt til at være - foreløbig :) men, OK, jeg kan godt se din point.
  22. Hmm. Ikke nok. Jeg kan se at jeg kommer til at beholde min SPV et stykke tid endnu....
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