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  1. Trip there's no sharing policy here. Does the same request to one for aosp stand for this rom too mate?
  2. We need to pester HTC dev to release source code.we had this prob on pyramid. You think you can get a can fix without?
  3. Thank u very much buddy. I have major issues getting phone to work, as I still have sense framework files I assume this is why. How can I get aosp framework to work with senseless from to get phone working? Without phone the setup and lock screen to answer calls fails. When I try aosp phone they both work but phone fc and sometimes no network. Great work on the first build of aosp just like sensation days bro you never fail!!!
  4. It won't be on xda and I'm not building aosp its for senseless rom I just want to use some things specific to endeavour
  5. Would u be good to share your work to help with my build mate? Of course all credit to you
  6. This is aosp built from cm source, exactly how cyanogen would be but build by trip. Mate its just the Same if not better. Havent seen the cm team getting a release out
  7. Mate. Take ur SD card out then reboot recovery once in recover insert SD and restore your backup. Job done. Use latest firmware to flash new rom. :) This happened to me
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