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    [APP] Liquid MT Control 1.4 (28.03.2012)

    hi technolover when i set on boot any scheduler when i reboot i have sio as scheduler ...i don't know if is a bug o if is a problem with the last miui(2.3.16 with italian pack)...in the thread of your kernel a user told me that your kernel is not compatible with last miui/cyanogenmod...i had only a problem with wi-fi fixed with last kernel...mmm i'm going off topic sorry :)
  2. i'm using the scheduler noop. And don't have the problem of power button... With another schedule I have the problem. #wenstenlive : i tried all the schedulers with noop i have not problems now (yesterday i had problems also with noop)...now i'm using sio after using noop and i had not problem too...i tried a lot of time but i'm not able to reproduce the problem anymore ...buh...now it works great(with sio my favourite)...:blink:
  3. thanks technolover for your brilliant work... i've notice a little problem (sometimes) with the new kernel... infact sometimes the power button doesn't turn on the phone from stand by... am i the one with this problem? yes i have same problem...also when i stop to call sometimes i have problem with the proximity sensor (the display stay off i have to "play" with the sensor for switch on the display)
  4. WiFi should be fixed now. thank you very much
  5. is not a problem i'm only unhappy because i like very much this kernel...
  6. wi fi does not work in latest miui i tried with normal kernel and it works
  7. wi fi does not work in latest miui
  8. i tried new 1%...when i set voltage and i set it for boot mt give me back ERROR:voltages haven't been saved for boot..
  9. with my t&l the kernel has problems.....i tried riptide and feel better than the old one....but with speedx 3d i have a big big problem the black lines of the tunnel flash continuosly i don't know why...i ' m really sorry but it is hard for me to explain in english technical things...i don't know if is because of the t&l rom but i come back to the old kernel. I wait for a update :D
  10. ~50 fps - lower on CM/MiUi (davidevinavil, Genrix, me) (NEW)- I Have t&l 2.3.6 i can reach only to 43Fast LED Flash for now (NEW) - ??? :D
  11. I don`t have any lags Acer UI Launcher. Maybe you add not all line from my post? Yes, screen have some gap\break\rapture with animation, but on desktop PC have normal this effect with vsync-off. I think its not critical. So, try to disable animation. I set always disable this. I try to play friut ninja and i don`t see any abnormal. But i don`t like this game. I tried and the trick works but i come back to the old build.prop because the phone is strange(big lag in app menu and animations really strange)...maybe is because i use all the animations...i use 5% kernel with stock rom...
  12. i need a perfect rom for my metal

  13. if you want to use Link2SD on GingerOunay 3.0.x you have to do nothing, just don't change any settings in A2SDGui ;) nothing....it says the device is busy....

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