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  1. awesome rom very fast n almost everything is working nic work abhi :-)
  2. thnks abhi I'll give it a trry n report back:-)
  3. this rom looks awesome n I want to try this rom with vamshi's kernel cause it has perfect calibration n sentivity is also goood. soo is there any way to do this
  4. are these three butons (menu;home;back)working with vamshi's kernel or they are totally disabled
  5. hi;;I 'm using ligux rom by equiliym processer overclocked to 710mhz using vamshi's kernel #68 and in antutu I got around 1780-1805 marks
  6. hi guyzz!! ma phn automatically reboots during call I don't know what's wrong plz guyzz help me cause I'm facing lots of. problems because of ths plz guyzz!!!
  7. Ok racerboy I'll try and report later thanks:-)
  8. Yes I also tried with my pc but got the same result and i'm not saying that all files are corrupted.....
  9. Also when I try to download files through dolphin browser it shows the msg that "Cannot download the file because file size is unknown"
  10. I also tried to unzip the file but got the error msg
  11. I've got gen 1 its indian racer dell xcd 28 ; I tried to install it through cwm
  12. I tried many times but its still corrupted I also tried other zip files they also. But they alsoWon't worked for me :-(:-(
  13. hello vamshi I'm having some trouble here I downloaded your #68 kernel but the file is corrupted I tried 3 4 times but no luck what's wrong:-(
  14. guys I'm having some trouble here I downloaded vamshi kernel #68 but it is corrupted I tried 3 4 times but no luck someone please help me:-(

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