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  1. I am a web developer. If you need help I could help you. :)
  2. Umm..... Thats what exactly AcerId said to me. But other Acer centres seem to deny it.
  3. Apparently t&l Metal give you root rights. (Superuser) SO it definitely must work.
  4. It was made by a chinese community or soemthing so no one trusted it. It will need to be rebuilt/ Modified. And like trying it directly on CM is never a good choice. Should have tried on stock first. DO you have 3 Acer Liquid metals? (mentioned in your siggy)
  5. Does its lockscreen have widgets? If yes. it is acer UI.
  6. Try this direct link to the website. http://redeclipse.rd-h.fr/ Apparently the lensflare one is embedding this website in a frame so sometimes captcha errors do occur. Registration worked for me. EDIT: In the first Try. The posts dont have bordering? Look strange. And if I am not wrong it looks like Wordpress or maybe Joomla? I dont play Counterstrike Source or I might have sent a war request. :P
  7. You need to be rooted to be able to do that.
  8. Not everything works with Cyanogen and MIUI.
  9. MOTHER OF REPOSTS anyways, Did you try this : ?
  10. Its not mentioned here. And all the ones mentioned are quite different. If you had a ROM without acer UI you could choose AOSP.
  11. I found this : https://market.android.com/details?id=com.clevertexting.arabic&feature=also_installed#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEwNCwiY29tLmNsZXZlcnRleHRpbmcuYXJhYmljIl0.
  12. Umm. For detailed instructions, You will find build.prop in /system Open it with Wordpad. Scroll to the bottom. Find acer.shell.mode=ENABLED And replace by acer.shell.mode=DISABLED Save it. And if i am not wrong you can disable camera sound from there too.YOu will have to edit Buil.prop_android and build.prop_acer too i guess.
  13. Chrome for PC basically runs on your RAM and hence not very compatible with games like Minecraft etc. So chrome mobile isnt such an attractive option. Also since i dont have ICS dolphin for me.
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