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  1. hi guys my step daughter has this phone and i rooted it and flashed it with the rom that was out before this version.... she has lot all abilty to text as the message part keeps crashing:( Any ideas as she doesnt want to wipe and start again? thanks shes on version b934 beta 1
  2. been well away for custom roms for a while but couldnt resist one of these babys for £65 .... When installing all the apps etc.....................is it still best to use apps2sd or not bothger? Cheers but im in a rush as the step daughter who its for is due back any min now
  3. i thought i had:) Thanks:) Im also after the huawei cloud app? i cant see it on play store ? cheers and cheers to tillaz
  4. the download link still seems to be down for me? PS im new to this phone after following tillaz around on the other phones hes done. Is there anyway of getting the stock weather app thing back on the main home screen once ive actually managed to download it lol
  5. Dont ask me how as i dont know but ive managed to unlock my phone and flash cynogen 9 onto it lol. But dont like the little quirks with the rom. What one is it that i need to get it all working and running better. I also managed to flash the tpt thing? would this matter with a stock rom? thanks,. i did think it would be this one. http://blog.podtwo.c...ngerbread].html but then saw how old the thread was,
  6. did the microphone fix work out of interest? as after flashing this rom mine seems to be broken and im trying to return it to orange without any luck:(
  7. Sorry mine got progressively worse so im sending it back so restored orange firmware.......... Mine might of just been on the way out.................although if i flash to the firmware i posted the microphone works???? very very very odd. sorry:( Might of just been a coincidence that others had the same problem..
  8. Thanks and thanks:) Phone now boots with orange rom and it doesnt have clock work installed so its like stock now yes???? I used clockwork to flash the rom rather than the image on the sd card and though menu vol+ and power.... Glad it at least turns on and boots now though. Microphone still doesnt work so have been using headphones.
  9. Right ive kept fiddling and its now saying updating from t flash card! lets see what happens lol! Either way ill be posting back as i need to get it as near to stock as possible before i send it back to limit orange refusing a warranty replacement. EDIT YAY! Ive got some kinda orange screen back!
  10. Many thanks:) much appreciated.
  11. http://www.modaco.com/topic/346977-what-have-i-just-downloaded-from-ztes-site/ ive got the image file from there and put it on sd car but i still dont get anything when doing the above instructions? just sits on green logo:( is that right?
  12. sorry im a newbie............where does one get that from? and thanks
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