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  1. Are there any Developers on here that would be willing to maybe teach me how to make an htc sensation rom?
  2. For some reason this rom will not detect when i plug in headphones, any fixes?
  3. Would there be any way to re-enable it, possibly?
  4. If your sensation is rooted and you flash roms, i would suggest flashing the Once v103z rom, i get the best battery life i ever have with it and i have tried a lot of roms. Also you can flash a newer firmware, that will give you better battery life as well.
  5. I love the way things are arranged on Honeycomb and how everything looks and works, I know honeycomb is for tablets only and i'm not sure it would be possible to ever get mobile network working. I am wondering if it would be possible to port a version of Honeycomb from a tablet with similar specs as the sensation to the sensation?
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